Vineyards of Thailand Part 3: PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

Wine tastings at PB Valley

PB Valley is the largest of the Khao Yai vineyards and wineries. It’s total production is about 600,000 bottles a year. It is also the oldest vineyard in the region. It was started in 1989 on a large plot of land. It took a couple of years to identify the most suitable grape varieties for the climate.

PB Valley wines have won a number of international wine awards (mostly at AWC in Vienna). Apart from vineyard and winery, it also has a restaurant, the Great Hornbill with about 200+ seats, and holiday accommodation. I like their reserve Shiraz and Tempranillo wines best.

Unfortunately, we had no time for a winery tour or any organised tasting. We just dashed to the cellar door and bought a couple of bottles. As in other wineries, the product range includes all kinds- of non-wine products from health care, cosmetics to nutrition.

The entrance to the sales room

The cellar door

Wide product range

If you visit Bangkok, rent a car with driver for the day and visit the wineries and vineyards of PB Valley and Gran Monte. This gives you a perfect start for the exploration of new latitude wines. The area is beautiful and the national park offers some unique experiences of Thailand.

If you have no time, visit their sales offices in Bangkok and stock up on their wines.

7 Responses to Vineyards of Thailand Part 3: PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

  1. giusepe says:

    Ehi, how are you?
    Tomorrow we go for a week in Malaysia (Malaka, Kuala Selangor and Penang) but after that, please, let me know when you have time to go out together for a drink.
    And let me also know the next time you’ll go in Khai Yai…I always wanted to go there but with you it’ll be more funny. And more useful in terms of good wine!

    See you soon. We miss you so much!!

  2. Khao Yai says:

    PB Valley has a very nice Shiraz. A few of their other wines aren’t bad either. They also do a great wine harvest festival – I went to the one in 2009.

    Nearby the winery there are some other interesting new things, like the Palio Walking Street, an Italian village themed shopping and eating area. PB Valley has a shop there now.

  3. Bob Gatlin says:


    I would like to learn more.

    Thank uou,

    Bob krap

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    Vineyards of Thailand Part 3: PB Valley Khao Yai Winery | The Man from Mosel River

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    Vineyards of Thailand Part 3: PB Valley Khao Yai Winery | The Man from Mosel River

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