Chatuchak market in Bangkok

February 23, 2010

The Wednesday market at Chatuchak

The other week the whole family decided on an outing and we visited Chatuchak market, a plan we had for a long time since Wednesdays are exclusively reserved for the gardeners and plant producers. An enthusiastic gardener like myself treasures such occasions. It was amazing to see the variety of plants on offer. I would love to have a huge garden but instead my third floor terrace is rather limited as regards available space. It was still wonderful to stroll through the rows of vendors and customers.

Chatuchak market has become a magnet for tourist, domestic as well as foreign. I was surprised that this also included the Wednesdays. One cannot take these plants home so easily on a plane. I guess the flowers, the colours and the beautiful scents are the main attractions. I also like the people selling their plants, they have the appearance of rural folks, people from the hinterland, rough, proud, relaxed and very friendly.

Chatuchak market is a must for all tourist visiting Bangkok. My verdict: highly recommended. Have fun!

Orchids and bananas

The man in the mirror glasses