The Man from Mosel River is Rainer Adam, a native of Trier who lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

Short history:

I am in my late fifties, married to Margit and have two children: the twins Lucy and Charlotte. My wife is from Adelaide and the children are also of Australian nationality. Jokingly, I often say that I am the only foreigner in my family.

The Adam family at Bacco restaurant in Bangkok, 29 November 2011


The Adam family in 2007 in Jakarta

By training I am an agricultural economist. I graduated from Bonn University with a Masters Degree in 1982 and a PhD degree in 1987.

I worked for almost three years with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) and was posted in Rome, Italy. This is were I met my wife-to-be Margit. On May 8 (international womens day), we met in an Italian language class. She worked at the FAO as an editor. We got married in Rome, (on capitol hill) which was very romantic and discovered together our love for Italian food and wine.

I have now been working in Asia for about 22-23 odd years. Most of this time I spent in Indonesia (about 10 years), China (about 6 years), India (about 2 years) and Taiwan (about 2 years) and the rest in Malaysia and Singapore. Since September 2008 we live in Bangkok, Thailand but as regional director for Southeast and East Asia my work requires me to travel much more frequently than during my assignment in Indonesia. If you are interested in my work please visit the following websites:

You can also find me on facebook, twitter and skype.

Privately one of my passions is vineyards and wine production. In 1995 we bought a 50-acre block in Glenburn (Murrindindi Shire), Victoria. Our friend Steve Sadlier (Vineadvice) from Yarra Glen convinced us that we could establish a vineyard there. With his help this dream was put into reality.

We planted 5 acres in 1996 (half Sauvignon Blanc and half Cabernet) and another 3 1/2 in 1997 (Merlot). In 2001 we had to pull the Cabernet out because the grapes could not fully ripen. We replanted with Pinot Noir. In October 2007 we extended the vineyard and planted 1.5 acres of Chardonnay. Our total area under vines is now 10 acres/about 4 ha.

We called our venture Two Hills Vineyard. The vineyard is located at the most southern tip of the Upper Goulburn River Wine Region surrounded by vast Eucalyptus forests.

It’s a very cold site. The block used to be grazing land and the soils were of low fertility and poor structure, white loam over clay, wet in winter and powdery dry in summer. This makes them difficult to work.

We use a very simple VSP (vertical shoot positioning) trellising system with two fruit wires. All vineyards are located on gently northerly slopes which give them a maximum of sun and heat collection ability and which allows the use of vineyard machinery.

The cool climate produces excellent fruit with a fine composition of acids. Our winters are quite cold. Summers and autumns are usually dry which all adds up to a very healthy environment requiring a minimum of intervention. Our vines are hand pruned and all fruit is hand harvested.

Our first vintage, more on a trial basis, was in 2000. We followed with Sauvignon Blanc in 2001 and 2002, the latter of which won us a Bronze Medal at the Singapore Wine Show. We made our first Merlot in 2001, and followed it up with vintages in 2004 and 2006. The years in between we sold the grapes and did not make wine. Our wines are made by Alan Johns of Yering Farm. All our wines are single vineyard wines and no blending is taking place.

Today, we have mothballed our vineyard. This means the vines are preserved but no grapes are produced. The wine glut in Australia forced us out of the fruit market. Our grapes did not find a home for a number of years, therefore we dicided to go temporarily out of production. We still have some Merlot to sell, the 2008 vintage.

Since 2003 we export regularly to Germany. Information can be obtained from Dr. Ulrich Hillejan (+49-2863-6802 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +49-2863-6802      end_of_the_skype_highlighting).

In the February 9, 2009 forest fires in Victoria, we almost lost our house and the vineyard. Neighbours and the local fire brigade with help from New-South Wales saved the place. We were so relieved. But many people lost their lives and everything. We should not forget them.

To Your health

“To your health”, as we say in Germany

I also like to eat good food and to drink fine wines, I enjoy dinner with family and friends where I might smoke a good cigar sitting on the terrace overlooking my tropical garden. Other passions include gardening, reading and music.

Basically I am a family man and enjoy nothing more then spending time with Margit, Lucy and Charlotte.

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  1. Margit says:

    We love you too, and this blog is great. Keep on drinking!

    • Eva Rall says:

      Hallo liebe Margit ,Reiner,Lucy und Charlotte………freut mich so ,dass ich euch gefunden habe!!!!Ist schon einige Jahre her,dass wir gemütlich in Jakarta zusammen gesessen haben .Erinnere mich noch so gerne daran und bin froh,dass ihr immer noch gerne Wein trinkt!Wir auch.Schöne Seite und Bilder und Infos ….happy New Year von Eva und Klaus und natürlich besondere Grüße von Julia an die twins.

  2. Little Wang says:

    Dear Family Man:

    From your family picture I can tell. It is a very happy family.
    You two daughters are really growing.
    Your Two Hills Merlot and the BBQ must be very good too.
    I can not wait to visit you in Bangkok and taste the best Merlot you promised me to
    keep from the first vintage.

    Xuedong Wang

  3. bangfir says:

    i love this blog hr. adam. keep on updating ur stories ’bout life, work, and ofcourse ur great family.. cu, gus fir

  4. Dear Mr. Adam,
    thanks for the great compliments that you’ve make on our Landgasthof Kopp.
    I hope you will visit us again.

    Marius Scherer

  5. Michael Meinhold says:

    Dear Rainer,
    This is really great.
    I will need some time to read through it properly.
    At the moment, tests and reports are hanging over my head.
    Looking forward to seeing you in Aus soon.


  6. Natalia says:

    My goodness, Herr Rainer, what an interesting blog and your women look absolutely charming!
    Isn’t technology amazing…??

  7. Achim Krekeler says:

    Dear Rainer,

    your presentation is really excellent and offers us a comprehensive picture of your family affairs as well as of your very engaged efforts in modern vine production.
    I wish you, dear friend, with Margit and your lovely daughters a good time and success
    From Bonn at the river Rhine with best regards

    Achim with Ulrike

  8. Rudi Klein says:

    Greetings from Schoden!
    I have found your Website by searching “Pictures from Schoden” with Google.
    Aber warum spreche ich mit einem Trierer Englisch?
    Ich habe gelesen, dass Sie in Ihrer Jugend in Schoden “mit-gejagt” haben. Anschließend waren Sie sicherlich im Gasthaus Bidinger in Schoden. In welchen Jahren war das denn?

    Herzliche Grüße von der Saar
    Rudi Klein

  9. Barbara Groeblinghoff says:

    Dear Rainer – what a wonderful site/blog! Here’s my challenge from another New World Wine country (South Africa) to yours: I’ll bring along a bottle of South African Sauvignon Blanc and swap it against a bottle of yours when we see each other next! Let’s see how they compare. Barbara

  10. Hi Rainer and Margit
    can you please update me with your contact details: email, address, telephone etc – I am in the process of sending renewal notices for next year’s membership so details will be much appreciated, Enjoyed your articles on the Expo – well done.

    Susan Kinloch

  11. Martin Hannen says:

    Hallo liebe Adamsens!
    Tach Jung.
    because of my naughty english I´ll reply in my mother-tongue:
    Hatte Euren blog voellig aus den Augen verloren, bin jetzt aber um so begeisterter, hierüber wieder etwas intensiver an Eurem Leben “in der Fremde” (d.h. ausserhalb des Rheinlandes!) teilnehmen zu können. Klasse Einrichtung und sehr liebevoll gepflegt.
    Einzige Wuensche für heute: lasst es Euch gut gehen und seht zu, dass Euer Weisswein bald wieder lieferfähig ist!!!
    Schoene Gruesse aus Meerbusch, Germany
    von Martin Hannen

  12. Benjamin says:

    Dear Rainer,

    I am actually trying to get hold your talented wife. Could she please contact me to do some work at our school here in Indonesia? Great site. You look to have a great time, all the time.


  13. Hey, Ihr Lieben,
    wo kann ich Euch was zu Weihnachten zuschicken. Mach ich das zu Eurer Australian Address? We’ve been recently to wine tastings in the Niagara region, Jackson Triggs (large and industrial!), Marynissen (very, very good Rieslings and a lovely Sauvignon and and german guy (Reiff), where you can taste the german background in his Riesling. Great Icewine! This stuff is amazing: they actually leave the grapes on and harvest in the middle of the night, when everything is frozen. I learned that you have to stick your tongue underneath the glass when tasting, since the tip of the tongue wants to taste the sugar, so leave that out and you have an amazing taste!
    I am in Germany at my parents next week, leaving on Wednesday, arriving in Frankfurt on Thursday morning, then off to Freiburg and back on Sunday morning. Just a Quarett gig with my parents, sister and a friend from Hamburg. Are you still around????

    Cheers and a happy “Zisch”


  14. Isabelle says:

    Dear Rainer and family,

    I found your blog by coincidence when entering ‘best Riesling Canberra wine challenge’ into Google. I’ m pleased to see so many entries about Trier where I originate from, too! In the UK since 5 years I have only recently started out as a tour operator and offer tours to the Mosel region. It’s still very new and it might take time to convince British people to spend their holiday in Germany.
    All the very best for Christmas and the New Year. We will be celebrating in the Ruwer valley with some excellent local Riesling wines!
    Prosit Neues!

  15. Huei-Ying says:

    Hi, dear Rainer,

    it,s a great blog. Wish you and your family Merry X’mas and Happy New Year!
    Jing-Yuan passed the exam excellent and goes to the elite Senior High School .
    Froehliche Menschen und gurer Wein sollen immer beisammen sein.
    Enjoy your winedrinking and have a wonderful vacation with the family

  16. Zosia & Edward Sulikowski says:

    Hi Guys,

    Great blog. Sent you a Christmas letter to your Indonesian email address. Please get in touch so that I can resend locally. Enjoy the wine, enjoy the sun and have a great Christmas. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love Zosia & Edward

  17. Max Marriott says:

    Hi Rainer,

    Nice site – I love your passion for German Riesling. I came across your blog via a Google search on A J Adam, whom I am currently hoping to import into New Zealand. I’m yet to taste his wines, but I’m very, very eager to.

    Thanks and best,


  18. Thomas says:

    Hi Rainer,

    could you give me the right to use your mosel picture for our website?

    It’s a great picture, Thanks, Thomas.

  19. chris. gent says:

    If this is the Margit Meinhold, honours English graduate of University of Adelaide and former resident of 109 Mackinnon Pde: hallo!!!!

  20. Nattipa says:

    Che romantica!!!!!
    Tu et tua cara!!!

  21. hppyheather says:

    Hey Ranier,
    Thanks for discovering our blog — Shawn is actually a very big fan of rieslings (while I prefer the reds), so we are looking forward to reading up on your posts!

  22. Urs Morf says:

    Hi Rainer, Margit, Lucy, Lotty,
    great stuff, your blog, finally a possibility to keep me updated ’bout the things and almost down under. And, yeeah, keep on drinking Rainer, Margit is absolutely right, as usual!
    All the best, still from Sukhumvit,

  23. Gert and Ellen Kueck says:

    Dear Adam family,

    We are happy to hear from you this way and are glad to be able to have some pictures at hand showing Margit, Rainer and the twins! It is with great pleasure that we look on all of you having in mind the great hours we had together in your lovely place in Victoria at the end of 2005 as well as in Delhi and Jakarta many years ago.

    Being aware of the warm hospilitaty you always offered to us (and also admiring Rainer’s knowledgeable comments on wine affairs in Australia and elsewhere in the world), with love from Taucha near Leipzig, Germany,

    Gert and Ellen Kueck.

  24. David and Esther Armstrong says:

    Dear Rainer and family
    Really liked your article about the Java St Andrews Burns Supper; incidentally we lived in Jakarta back in the seventies and during the early/late eighties actually owned and ran the Selkirk Arms Hotel at Kirkcudbright, SW Scotland where Robert Burns wrote the Selkirk Grace in the late 18th century…we had one of the finest ,oldest and most traditional Burns Supper Clubs in the world – we were proud of it…your article brought back happy memories of both Jakarta and SW Scotland…we live in France now but will be back in Indonesia to see family and friends during mid May and June – and in Jakarta for 4 nights. You have a lovely looking family. My wife was born in Jogjakarta and we will see 4 of our grandchildren in Surabaya soon. A votre santè mes amis.

  25. Sehr geehrter Herr Adam!

    Wären Sie so freundlich, mir die E-Mailadresse von Max Sandelowsky zukommen zu lassen?

    Mit bestem Gruss und Dank im voraus

    Martina Strieder

  26. susannah16 says:

    Thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I am enjoying reading yours.

    I look forward to learning more from your interesting posts. What an exciting combination of experiences.

    Rome is great…FAO, lucky you. Ah, il bel paese.

    Ci vado domani a Roma.

    A vineyard in Australia too. I shall enjoy reading about your family and adventures.

    A presto,

  27. shannon says:

    I stumbled on your blog this evening as I worked on my own blog, I was looking for information on Gourmet Garage. I hope it is OK I am putting a link to your site from that post. If you object I will of course remove the link. Interestingly we have been in Jakarta for 2 years and are now moving to Germany and we spent our last weekend in Indonesia hanging out at Tanjung Lesung Sailing Club, I think I recognize the pavilion in the photo of you with the glass of white wine. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.

  28. Jo Chui says:

    Dear Margit and Rainer,

    This is absolutely delightful!

    To me, the site is so comforting because through it, we will always be in touch and stay connected, whichever corners of the world our lives may take us.

    We will miss you dearly.


  29. Rainer Adam says:

    Hi Jo,
    thanks for the kind comment. Isn’t modern technology great? Makes it so easy to stay in touch. All the best for you and your family. Bangkok is not far away.

  30. Hi Rainer,
    I am correspondent with Reuters News Agency in Jakarta. I am writing a story about growing popularity of wine in Indonesia. I would like to interview you if you have time. thank you. Fitri

  31. Lieber Rainer,

    I just spent an interesting time reading your blog. Fascinating to see your multi-cultural life in different continents held together by your love of wine. Switching back and forth but always returning to your origin, Trier at the Mosel.

    It’s easy for me to be sympathetic. I am an expatriate myself, I grew up in Bonn and I live in California today. Importing wines from Central-Eastern Europe is my passion. Your blog reports from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer stimulate me to finally get going with German wines as well.

    Zum Wohl,

  32. Lieber Dietrich,

    thank you very much for your kind remarks on my blog. I visited your website, the Blue Danube. Since I am very ignorant about wines from that part of the world (I went only to Hungary once visiting friends and drinking some excellent wines), It was very educating to browse through the many interesting stories. I believe wine deserved good stories (instead of only tasting notes and their technocratic nature). Please explore German wines as well. After all Eastern Europe may be a flexible concept.

    Greeting from Bangkok to California

  33. Anne Torres says:

    Hello! I came upon your website, I am from a family of brewers… As well as I’m a blacksmith. It’s nice to see this site! My patron diety is Sucellos, so again – another coincidence in common :). Email me back – I’d like talk to you more :D.


  34. miltonpt says:

    Hi Rainer

    Cheers from Portugal!

    I’m glad you loved Portugal. I never visited Australia but I’ve already visited the Mosel Valley but on the Luxembourg side. Beautiful region.

    Good luck on this year vintage!

  35. Mandee says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my site (! Sorry shameless plug…. I’ve been reading yours and I find it fascinating how much you have traveled and how much of this world you have been fortunate enough to see. Keep up the great work and keep on drinking!

    To your health!

  36. Great blog!

    Right now I am visiting in Austria and enjoying all the wine culture here, but will soon return to the US after 4 weeks.

    Stop by my blog if you get a chance to enjoy the Austrian “wine time” … lol!


  37. Hi, this is dondon of a social network where wine lovers like you meet.

    Would you mind if we do link exchange?

    Please shoot me an email if you are interested.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you.

  38. Thanks Mandee for you nice comments. I am exploring the wine shops in Bangkok right now and will fill you inlater. My family thinks its too much travelling. But I agree, I am very fortunate. Keep on drinking in Houston and explore the wonderful world of wine by drinking fine examples of good wines.

  39. Hi Denise,
    thanks for stopping bye while in Austria and have a save return to the US. Interesting pairings you propose. I will try some. Since I know almost nothing about Austrian wines, I loved following in your steps in the virtual world. Cheers Rainer

  40. Geumsang Kim says:

    Great site!!
    I’ve travelled around in Germany this year, tracing the Romantic Road.
    I’ve also visited Juliusspital for dinner, and had very nice Silvaner,
    and Riesling wine with my grilled trout 😀
    Car was parked at the hotel close there.
    And I was lucky to buy a box of silvaner trocken kabinet from Sulzfeld.
    Very nice and clean taste!! Especially very nice with light salad in the summer 🙂
    Glad that I’ve strumbled into this site 🙂
    Good luck!!

  41. Thanks for th kind words, Geumsang Kim, I am glad that you enjoyed the German wines during your trip. The world of wines is so rich, so much to discover. Go on with it and have fun. Maybe Victoria next time. I can recommend it. Cheers Rainer

  42. We’d love to spread some of the funny around. We were wondering (if you find our style agreeable) if you would be willing to share some link love? A sort of “I’ll link yours if you link mine” arrangement. No money, no contracts, just a simple line of code supplying a link. Check us out, and realize we are just out for fun. Think The Onion meets the Wine World. We have over a decade of experience in the business, have been published in the major magazines, and still write a bit on the subject, but needed an outlet to vent on all that makes us crazy in the head regarding the wine world. Hence – call it therapy.

    Hit us back with an email if you like what you see, and even if you don’t!

    Tannat Madiran
    Editor Non Grata

  43. Anne says:

    I found you website by incident, I was trying to find another name for Trier. I am impressed to see how life of a local man has unfolded. All your travels and out of town residence.
    I wish you and your family good fortune and lots of good wine and continue an interesting venture, as you and your family have so far.

    I loved reading your blogs, as well as I enjoyed looking at the pictures of my former home town.

    Heads up and keep on trucking,

    all the best wisches…

  44. Rainer Adam says:

    Hi Anne, thanks for the kind words. If you wish I’ll send you some more pictures of Trier which I took during the last couple of visits. I just love the small town. Best regards Rainer

  45. Maxime says:

    Hi Rainer,

    I came across your blog while looking for event and wine-tasting venues in and around Trier. I also used to live in Jakarta, I lived there from 1989 to 2001 and stayed for another year in 2005.

    I am hoping you still have some contacts in Trier, as I am trying to organise an event for 50-60 people. I’ve already contacted the Bagatelle restaurant (found on your blog) but am looking for other things to do with a group of this size, such as a vineyard / wine cellar visit and wine-tasting, and something to do outdoors. Please get in touch with me if you have any ideas…

    Terima kasih banyak!

  46. Wencke Vonderhagen says:

    Hallo Rainer

    Ich hoffe, Du erinnerst Dich noch an mich. Ich habe 1995/96 ein Praktikum bei Dir in Peking gemacht. Damals hiess ich noch Hansen mit Nachnamen. Mittlerweile lebe ich mit meiner Familie in Zürich und wir planen am 07.01. für 4 Wochen nach Australien zu reisen. Vielleicht schaffen wir es ja, Dein Weingut aufzusuchen, Victoria ist zumindest Teil unserer Reiseroute…
    Ich habe mich zumindest sehr gefreut, Dich über diese Seite gefunden zu haben. Vielleicht schaffen wir es ja, in Kontakt zu bleiben.

    soweit ganz liebe Grüsse – auch an Deine drei Frauen

  47. Rainer Adam says:

    Hallo Wencke,

    welch grosse Ueberraschung. Toll, dass es Dir gut geht. Meine drei Frauen sind heute nach Bangkok zurueck geflogen, weil morgen die Schule beginnt. Ich bin noch bis 11.01. hier in Glenburn. Unsere Tel. Nummer ist 57978416, handy 0400687677. Ruf mich mal an, wuerde mich freuen. Bin ab 12.01. wieder in Bangkok.
    Gruss Rainer

  48. Darby says:

    Hi Rainer,

    I’ve added a link from to your review of Geoff Achison at the Yarra Glen Pub.

  49. Rainer Adam says:

    Thanks Darby, I am going to check it out. Cheers Rainer

  50. Lieber Herr Adam,
    Auf ihrer Seite – Country Australia- Music forold folks- fand ich – OH Wunder- meinen Judendfreund Michael Meinhold wieder der mit 7 Jahren mit seinen Eltern nach Australien ausgewandert ist.
    Können sie mir mehr über seinen Aufenthalt sagen.

    Herzliche Grüße

    Klaus Tesching, Münster, Deutschland

  51. Hope you could help me

  52. Dominik says:

    Hi Rainer and Margit,
    ich hoffe aeusserst stark, dass alles okay ist bei Euch. Es ist fast nicht zu glauben diese Feuer um Euch herum, waehrend wir hier in Schneestuermen verschwinden. Ich halte alle Daumen!!!
    Love ya, man!!


  53. Hi Dominik,
    thanks for asking. It should be ok. Tomorrow we will get another eye witness report. More soon. Love Rainer

  54. Martin Hannen says:

    Hallo Margit, hallo Rainer,

    bitte stellt doch bald Infos in Euren blog, wie es Eurem Zuhaus und dem Weinberg geht. Ich war ziemlich erschrocken, Deine Berichte im blog zu lesen, weil ich fälschlich die Feuer in einer anderen Gegend wähnte. Schrecklich genug ist es allemal und man kann sich die Ausmaße hier in Deutschland wohl nicht annähernd vorstellen – selbst als Feuerwehrmann nicht. Dagegen ist alles, womit wir hier so zu tun haben einfach nur harmlos.
    Ich denk an Euch!!
    Gruß + Kuß

  55. Doug & Ayako says:

    Hello Rainer,
    Your blog has given my wife and I the good news we have been hoping for. We are friends of Ken’s living in Japan and we are happy to hear that your house and Ken’s were saved from the fires. We have not been able to get a hold of him by phone so this link was a lucky find. We will keep checking back for updates. Good luck with the rebuilding. We look forward to drinking a glass of Two Hills on the farm again in the near future.

  56. Hi Doug and Ayako, great surprise but good to hear from you. Amazing what blogs can do. We also could not get hold of Ken. The firemen saved even his chicken but the old jute and the tractor are gone together with the machinery and the hay shed. I’ll send you a photo. Cheers Rainer

  57. Anne Granville-Edge says:

    Dear Margit and Rainer
    Even though it has been about 14 years since we have last been in touch, I have been thinking of you and the twins these past weeks and wondering if your dreams of having a vineyard in the Yarra Valley came true. I googled Rainer’s name and found this site and the wonderful news that you are safe. The photo of you all is beautiful. The last time I saw a photo of Lucy and Charlotte they were just babies. I would love to renew contact and share news. My love to you all, Anne

  58. Huei-Ying says:

    lieber rainer,

    es ist bruhigend zu erfahren, dass alles bei Euch in two hills road von dem wilden bushfire verschond bleibt. weiterhin wuenschen wir Euch viel glueck und erfolg im jahr2009.


  59. Hi Anne, great to be in contact with you again. I will write to you soon. Cheers Rainer

  60. Hallo Huei-Ying, danke fuer die Gruesse. Ja, wir haben noch inemal Glueck gehabt. Es war sehr sehr knapp. Auch Euch viel Glueck im Rinderjahr 2009.

  61. Stefan Melnik says:

    Would love to try some of your wines!

  62. Hi Rainer,
    I came across your reference to our vineyard and winery (Rocky Passes Estate) quite by accident. Interesting to find it! We hope that you will come and visit some time soon … come for lunch and and taste the 08 blend … we’re very happy with it. :-).
    All the best
    Candi and Victor

    PS … the one page website will be a proper website soon! Note the alsternative URL.

  63. Hi Rainer,

    I’m Randall Grahm’s assistant at Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, CA. We’d love to keep you posted on our goings-on. Would you let me know the best email address where I can contact you?


  64. hbs34 says:

    i was invited to dinner at the julias spaital last week and introduced to stein wine by a good friend,,what a treat,,,thanks for the great web site,,f.a.hauber

  65. Chef Zuza says:

    Hi. Really nice food you taste. Come to Brazil to learn about ours. We have really nice flavors.

  66. meckiramsdorf says:

    Hi Rainer,
    wie gut ist denn dein Langzeitgedächtnis bezüglich Holthausener Fetenaktivitäten?
    So vor ca. 30 Jahren??
    Vor kurzem habe ich mit Uli deinen Rotwein getrunken auf dem Hofe H.!!!
    Meld dich mal.
    Liebe Grüße
    Me…. Dr…..

  67. Ellen und Gert Kueck says:

    Liebe Adams allesamt,

    wir haben gerade eine Nachricht zu Weihnachten und zum Neuen Jahr an Euch geschickt; hoffentlich stimmen Eure E-Mailadressen noch und sie ist gut angekommen.

    Was macht der Merlot? Hoffen Euch wohlauf,

    ganz herzlich,

    Ellen und Gert

  68. Guten Tag, Herr Adam,
    wuerden Sie mir mal bitte Ihre “direkte” email-Anschrift senden? Werde Anfang Maerz wieder in BKK sein, – koennten uns mglw. auf ein Glas Wein treffen?!

    Mit einem Gruss,
    Wilhelm Steifensand
    Der Mann vom Rhein

  69. Juergen says:

    Hallo Herr Adam,

    nachdem sie auf ihrer Webpage auch über die Öl-Eiweiss-Kost nach Dr. Johanna Budwig berichten können sie mir vielleicht helfen. Ich ernähre mich derzeit nach den Richtlinien von Dr. Budwig und würde gerne mal wieder einen Urlaub in Thailand machen. Könnten sie mir mitteilen, wo man in Bangkok Quark (möglichst Magerquark) kaufen kann (Carrefour, Tesco..???)?


    Hans-Jürgen Sponsel

    • Doris Botterweck says:

      Hallo Herr Sponsel,
      habe gerade Ihre Mail an Rainer gesehen. Ich habe in BGK keinen Quark in den Supermaerkten gesehen, als ich zuletzt da war, kann aber sein, dass er jetzt erhaeltlich ist.

      Ich gebe Ihnen gerne ein Rezept, wie Sie sich den Quark ganz schnell selbst machen koennen.

      2 l Milch aufkochen und abkuehlen lassen bis sie fast lauwarm ist. Dann einen Joghurt mit dem Schneebesen einruehren und an einen warmen Ort zugedeckt 4 Stunden stehen lassen, dann haben Sie ein Super Joghurt. Danach nehmen Sie eine Schuessel, stellen ein Sieb hinein und lege ein Kuechentuch in dieses Sieb. In dieses Tuch fuellen Sie den Joghurt, binden das Tuch oben mit einem Gummi zu und lassen den Joghurt ueber Nacht im Kuehlschrank abtropfen. Am naechsten Morgen haben Sie den besten Quark – selbstgemacht! Wenn Sie Magermilch und ein Magermilchjoghurt als Starter benutzen haben sie MAGERQUARK.
      Viel Spass!
      Doris Botterweck

  70. Doris Botterweck says:

    Lieber Rainer,

    the Woman from Mosel River is sending greetings to the Man from Mosel River from Lusaka, Zambia. Our 5 yrs. in Zambia are coming to an end and we will be moving to Johannesburg this summer. We will be in Trier from July 6 – July 30 before accompanying Marc to his Uni in Spain. He starts on August 6. From August 20 until End of August will be in Trier again. Maybe we could meet for a glass of wine in case you are there to. BTW please look up Kappuziner Karree, Trier. We finally made up our mind that Trier, your and my beautiful home town will have us back after retirement (not yet, still too early!)
    Greetings to Margit. Saw the beautiful pics of your grapes in Australia. Would you believe that I have blue grapes growing in my garden in Lusaka? Just a few – I am not making wine – but every year I have a big basket full to eat. One of our predesessors planted them. Think he came from the Rhine river. You see these Germans always have to have a bit of their home country! Thinking about you and the family. Let’s hope the situation in BKG will calm down soon.
    Best wishes

  71. James says:


    I’d like to arrange a link from your website; Could you advise me on how this can be arranged, e.g. donation required for developers, etc.?

    Look forward to your response.



  72. Anne says:

    Hello, Rainer,
    you won’t remember me, but I think we met a long time ago in Rome.
    I’ve been on and off trying to get into contact with Margit -without success.
    But this time I think I’m lucky.
    Could you please give the following message to her?
    Hi, Margit,
    I’m Anne from Gladbeck. I would appreciate very much to hear from you – even tried to get your address from yoour cousin Rainer.
    Much love

  73. Marco Zani says:

    Hi Rainer,
    I saw your post in 2007 about using Diam Cork on reds .. are you happy with your choice ? Are you still using Diam ?
    I’m pretty skeptical about technical corks but willing to try, with all the trouble we have with traditional cork !



    • Very happy Marco, indeed. It was a good choice. However, it took some time to educate our buyers that this cork is superior to the others. But the wine keeps very well, no cork taint at all. I had such bad experience with so called “natural cork” (I was unlucky with the lot) when I could through away about 1/3 of the bottles of one of my vintages. I highly recommend it.

  74. Trish Burgess says:

    “Riesling in Australia” by Ken Helm and Trish Burgess was officially launched in Canberra at the end of June and is now available from the publisher, Winetitles, in Adelaide through or contact I think you might enjoy it.

  75. Joaquin says:

    Dear Mr Adam,

    I would love to buy some bottles from your vineyard. Please let me know where can I find them (I am living in Bangkok).
    With best Regards,

    Joaquin de la Torre Aranda

  76. Willy Sutopo says:

    Dear Mr. Adam,

    I’ll be travelling to Bangkok soon. May I know where can I get a good selection of German Rieslings in Bangkok?

    Best Regards,

    Willy Sutopo

    • Dear Pak Sutopo, that’s a difficult question. Actually I have not found a good source for german Riesling. You may find some in scattered locations. Sorry that I cannot give you a better answer. Cheers Rainer

  77. Dear Themanfrommoselriver,

    My apologies for not contacting you earlier to thank you for being so kind with comments on our wines and for not being at our estate when you visited us. Please let me know via email when you plan your next visit. We would like to meet with you and show you our latest 2011 vintage wines.
    We just completed our harvesting season today. The last crop was viognier. Nikki is now busy with vinification and we think we are going to have best ever wines from our estate out of this vintage.
    Besides current vintage wine making and bottling of last year reds and this year whites and rose during Mar-Jul, we will have many local and overseas promotional trips to do in period of Apr-Sept. But with advance notice from you I’m sure we can manage to meet up.
    Best regards,

  78. Kelvin Hirte says:

    I saw this really fantastic post today.Your blog post is very cogent and makes a number of great points.

  79. Thanks for the praise, Kelvin, and thanks you for visiting The Man from Mosel River.

  80. Martin G. says:


    Sie haben in Ihrem Blogbeitrag “Country living: The good life in Ramsdorf, Westphalia” vom 31. Mai 2009 ein wundervolles Bild von einer Kiste mit alten Weinflaschen verwendet (Blick von oben auf die verstaubten Flaschen). Wir würden Sie gerne fragen, ob wir dieses Bild für eine CD unserer Band verwenden dürfen (Auflage der CD wird so um die 500 Stück sein, wir sind also keine Profis, sondern machen das als Hobby…). Wenn das möglich wäre, könnten Sie mir das Bild in einer möglichst hohen Auflösung zukommen lassen? Selbstverständlich geben wir die Quelle auf der CD mit an!!!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Martin von der Band “Fat Lip Grey Mullet”

  81. daniellery says:

    Hi Rainer,

    Great blog. I studied for a year in Trier (last year) – it’s a gorgeous place. Look forward to reading you blog!

    Danielle, Ireland

  82. Sims cdk says:

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    Hi Rainer,

    I thought you might be interested in adding a link to zoomvino on your blog.

    zoomvino is a new internet communication platform connecting winemakers with wine buyers worldwide, listing more than 50 countries, 250 regions and 1700 geographical dénominations (appellations).

    The platform already lists most commercially active wineries selling in bottle, and their number never stop growing. Zoomvino is also a unique guide to the world‘s wines, zoomvino Buzz, for those buying wines directly from wineries or planning a wine holiday.

    Here is a link to zoomvino:

    Best regards, Lino.

  84. Dear Themanfrommoselriver,

    Ever since I spent the summer of 1971 in Heidelberg I have loved German wine, especially that from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region.. I’m frustrated because they are hard to find here in America. Several years ago I stumbled upon a bottle of Schmitt’s Kinder Randersackerer Ewig Leben Bacchus Spatlese Trocken at a local wine store, and it was liquid gold for me! I have never been able to get any since. After reading your piece about Schmitt-Kinder I’ve decided to use my frequent flyer miles to go there. By the way, I accumulated those miles flying back and forth to Thailand where I do Public Health medical research. Next time I’m in Bangkok I’d like to meet you.

    Winslow Borkowski
    Atlanta, GA USA

  85. S Lloyd says:

    Do they still have the fabulous food court nearby the Ambassador Hotel in downtown Bangkok? Last time I was there was in 1995, so feels like centuries ago but that food court has marked my souvenirs: all type of food from many Asian cuisines (I think there was Korean, Indian, Chinese etc). I miss Bangkok a lot. If I go back there, what could be the major differences that I’d notice from the mid 1990s? Thanks!

  86. Bolortuya says:

    Dear Mr. Rainer,

    It is very wonderful that you had a chance to visit Mongolia and tried our products. My name is Bolortuya and I work for MCS Group. I’m most interested and fascinated by your work. Do you plan to come back to Mongolia again? If so, please let me know, I would like to meet with you. Also, SBB tarde would like to work with you in line with marketing and selling our products, as you may well know “Chinggis” vodka.

  87. Gary Oberbillig says:

    Do you know of the availability of the Elbling wines in the United States? We visited Trier to do family research along the Mosel and Saar and were very taken with the Elbling wines from the region. I really appreciate the window that you provide into the remarkable wines of the region. Thanks– Gary Oberbillig

  88. Ruwadi says:

    My last name is Ruwadi and my ancestors are From what we know, my ancestors argenerally from the area near the ruwer river valley. We think our last name was at one point spelled Ruwady. I wondered if you have come across anyone with a similar last name (or a slight derivation).

    • Hi, I guess you are right. It might have been Ruwady, but I have no clue where the name comes from, and have never met a a person with such name and never new the name before. Sorry

      • Enzo Pignoli says:

        Dear Rainer,
        I am an Italian archaeologist based in Philadelphia (PA-USA) and I am trying to reach you via this blog, hoping to be able to find a more direct contact for you soon.
        The reason I am contacting you is: “Sucellus”. I am working on an article on this wine/beer God and I stumbled trough! Therefore, I would like to ask you, if that is ok, few information about the way you got acquainted with Sucellus; the statue you had realized for you and the role the God covers in your vineyard. Also, I would like to ask your permission to send to my editor, should he like the article, a picture of your statue to be eventually published with the article.
        Hoping to have been not of too much disturb,
        Enzo Pignoli (

  89. Yukiko Stave says:

    Dr. Rainer,
    I came across with your blog from looking at your work place I am looking for a writing competition on a theme that includes rule of law in East Asia, in English language, not restricted to students and not restricting a paper to an answer to a pre-determined question. Your organization appeared to have a writing competition that fit my criteria in October 2008. I tried to look for a similar one all over internet but I chould not find anything other than yours that took place in 2008. Do you plan to host a similar one in a future? Or are you aware of a writing competition similar to yours in 2008 that another organization hosts? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  90. Thanks for the good words, Rainer! We posted your article to our Facebook page and Twitter. Cheers, and happy 31 Days of German Riesling to you!

  91. Maria Savina says:

    big WOW from Russia =)))

  92. hello..I stumbled on your blog looking for terrace gardens…but so interesting to see connections ..i work in the development sector in India, love Bangkok and do a lot of cross-cultural programs in Australia and love gardening …enjoyed seeing the passion with which you live life

  93. Hi there found your blog rather zufaellig because i have the same 2009 dao, right now.. and i like it too!!! I am from wurzburg and live in singapore since 12 years, i regularly import franconian and italian (just back from Barolo…) wines… Agree with your positive take on frankenwein and would have 100 things to add.. Please contact me, we shell have a wine evening in bkg or sin one day! The man from the main, cheers h

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