The Flax Oil Diet – A tribute to Peter Ryan (almarrhum)

February 12, 2010

You guessed right. This blog entry will not deal with wine but with food, and health. It’s exactly 3 months that my friend Peter Ryan died of liver cirrhosis. He introduced me to Dr. Johanna Budwig (1906-94) and her diet, which has all kinds of healing qualities. I must admit, I was very sceptical at the time.

But then Peter healed his liver cancer successfully with the Budwig diet. The doctors had only given him a maximum of six months to live. Then he changed his diet radically with the result that the cancer could not be found any more. In the end he died of the cirrhosis of the liver but he had gained quite some time and enjoyed a quality of life he would not have had if he had gone for a “traditional” cancer treatement.

Johanna wrote the “Oil Protein Diet Cookbook”. She discovered the healing powers of flax seed oil. Her 500 or so recipes in the book are all based on flax/linseed oil. She was nominated seven times for the Noble Prize, and despite never receiving this, Dr. Budwig was the foremost expert on cancer and nutrition.

Sandra Olson Budwig

Sandra Olson has set up a very interesting website on Johanna Budwig and her diet. This is a must-visit site. She also was in contact with Peter. In fact Peter was very active in various chat rooms helping cancer patients to cope with their predicament. Some of these friends left messages on this very blog, reminiscing about Peter and his efforts in their circles.

Dr Budwig’s diet has also other benefits, one of them being that blood pressure is reduced. If it could be that easy to get the blood pressure down, I asked myself, why is that this diet not widely known and discussed publicly.

The yoghurt-fruit-nut-linseed oil breakfast

Since we moved to Bangkok, I have had access to fresh linseed oil, and therefore I have started to have a quark-linseed oil-fruit-nuts mix for breakfast., Peter’s Budwig breakfast. I have been on this ever since. And guess what happened? My blood pressure came down like an avalanche. Awesome. I could not believe it. Fortunately, I am not the only one experiencing this effect. Almost all the people in my friendship circle who have switched to flax/linseed oil have gotten off blood pressure reducing medication. This is all thanks to Peter. We miss him.

Isn’t it a beautiful little flower?

Blue flowering flax

Flax fields like this one you can find in Northern France

PS: When I was young I worked on a farm near Vernon/Seine. There, one can see many beautiful flax seed fields with white and blue flowers. That was the time before digital cameras, that’s why I took the above photos from the net. Thank’s guys for letting me show these picture.