Two Hills Vineyard

Our vineyard is located in Two Hills road about 8 km from the centre of the tiny hamlet of Glenburn, Victoria, about an hour and a half’s drive northeast of Melbourne.

Our 50 acres block (about 21 ha) is typical for the area. It belonged to Two Hills Station, a dairy and cattle property, close to the outskirts of the Murrindindi and Toolangi forests.

Two Hills Vineyard in 2008, Sauvignon Blanc, and to the left Chardonnay

In 1996 we planted the first vines, 5 acres, half Sauvignon Blanc, half Cabernet. We added another 3 1/2 acres of Merlot in 1997.

In 2001 I ripped the Cabernet out because the grapes would not fully ripen. It was a tedious work, ripping one by one with a chain around the vine and lifting it with the hydraulic of my old Fiat tractor. We replanted with Pinot Noir. In 2008 we planted an additonal 1/2 acre of Chardonnay.

The Chardonnay block

Young Chardonnay vine

The bush fires of February 9th, 2009 almost wiped us out. We were narrowly saved by some firecrew from New South Wales and our local fire fighters. The tweo pictures below were taken by Michael, my brother-in-law after the fires during the “re-fencing” efforts.

Michael at work

The second hill of our property is grazing land. It borders on a creek called Katy’s Creek which usually does not dry out even in summer. We have two dams, one of which is used for irrigation in the dry months January and February.

Our dam for vineyard irrigation

Our shed with new tractor and old pick-up truck

Vintage time, vineyard under nets

Merlot grapes 2010

2010 was our worst vintage so far. We are always hoping for the best but with fruit prices so low, we cannot recuperate costs. Moreover, it’s a buyers market and if the grapes have the slightest fault, they walk out on you. Fortunately, we still have some Merlot wine to sell (2006 and 2008 vintage).

From 2010 onwards we will mothball our vineyard for a while. We hope thereby to ride out the storm. Since we do not depend on any income from farming, we might be able to preserve our resource to start anew when times and circumstances are more conducive to small-scale grape growing and wine making.

4 Responses to Two Hills Vineyard

  1. annie beresford says:

    Hi,we spent 3 wks in France earlier on this year,when we can across this fantastic wine.It’snot a heavy wine,but it has a great body,the flavour is full,fruity,yet smooth and light.My only problem is that we’ve drunk what we brought back with us.Is there a U.K.outlet we can buy it from?or can we order direct from yourselves?Await your response with fingers crossed for the right answer.many many thanks Annie.

    • Ifeanyi Anonah says:

      Hi, I spend one week in Metzville france I came across this wine its wonderful if there is way you can export this wine to Africa coz it will make a good sale plz feel free to contact me


  3. Enzo Pignoli says:

    Dear Rainer,
    I am an Italian archaeologist based in Philadelphia (PA-USA) and I am trying to reach you via this blog, hoping to be able to find a more direct contact for you soon.
    The reason I am contacting you is: “Sucellus”. I am working on an article on this wine/beer God and I stumbled trough! Therefore, I would like to ask you, if that is ok, few information about the way you got acquainted with Sucellus; the statue you had realized for you and the role the God covers in your vineyard. Also, I would like to ask your permission to send to my editor, should he like the article, a picture of your statue to be eventually published with the article.
    Hoping to have been not of too much disturb,
    Enzo Pignoli (

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