And here comes the year of the mighty tiger

February 13, 2010

It started with fire crackers this morning. They made a hell of a noise in our Soi, as the Thais call the back lanes and side streets. Amazing, I thought, if this goes on, we will be deaf by night.

In the end we decided to go out, do some shopping of groceries and decided spontaneously to go for lunch to the dumpling place called the Royal Kitchen on Thonglor. At the entrance, right on the pavement, large trestle tables were laid out with all kinds of food, some drink and incense, all offerings in honour of the gods. And I had not brought my camera, what a shame. The restaurant was packed. We ordered all kinds of dumplings and the four of us consumed a sumptuous Chinese meal. It felt so great. This is our start into the year of the tiger. We drank of course beer.

But I have a wine suggestion for the tiger year. ‘2007 Nero D’Avola’ by Cusumano. Have you heard of the brothers Cusumano, Alberto and Diego? I had not. The bottle has a glass enclosure (yippieh). The colour is most beautiful.

2007 Nero d’Avola by Cusumano, Sicily

I find their website a bit cumbersome, the wine is not. Sicily’s most important indigenous red variety produces wonderful wines with soft tannins and plum, berry and spicy flavours. They compare to our Shiraz wines for instance the ones from Heathcote, Victoria. I can only highly recommend this wine from Sicily. It matches the power of the tiger.

Gong xi fa cai – Happy New Year