Tokyo – Japanese Fish Knives

February 2, 2010

When visiting the fish market for a sushi lunch, we passed by a cutlery shop: Masahisa Azuma Minamaoto-no. Many different knives were on display, but my friend Walter wanted for his wife a special one of the highest quality.

The owner of the shop himself went to sharpen the selected knife in the back of the workshop. What skill on display. we were both extatic, and subsequently, I bought a knife for my wife as well.

Happy customers left the shop, not after our bargaining attempt was refuted in utter disgust.
If you visit the fish market in Tokyo, go and have a look. It’s worth it.

PS: The knife is now doing its job in our kitchen. It turned out to be a superb helper, efficient, clean and fast.

Azuma Minamoto-no
4-13-7 Tsukiji, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo
Japan 104-0045
Tel.: +81-3-3541-8619

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