Ghin Ghin Olive Grove

What an exotic name, you might say: Ghin Ghin. Its the place name of a location a couple of kilometers West of Yea, a charming country town of about 1000 inhabitants (about 28 km north of our vineyard), a little more than an hours drive northeast of Melbourne, Victoria.

To tell you the truth. We went with what Australians call “a ute” (a utility vehicle) to the tip near Ghin Ghin to dispose of some old stuff we had cleaned out of our shed.

Near the turnoff from the main highway (along the Goulburn Valley Road towards Seymour), the Ghin Ghin Farmstore and Café ( is located.

The beautiful Victorian cottage contains a small café where you can also buy various local products including extra virgin olive oil and olives coming from the olive grove behind the cottage where about 650 trees are planted.

The cottage used to be a stable located on a dairy farm which has been in the hands of the Lawrance family for over 70 years. Scott Lawrance and his partner Frank Schoenemann run the Farmstore Café open from October to May.


A young olive grove in Central Victoria

We dropped in by chance, had an interesting chat, an enchanting encounter and left enriched by a couple of olive oil bottles and preserved olives. Next time we are in Glenburn, we will spend some more time to check the place out.

Ghin Ghin Farmstore and Café
211 Ghin Ghin Road
Yea, Victoria
Ph.: +61-3-57972734

PS: Olive trees are very much in vogue in Australia. One can see olive groves in all parts of the country. We at Two Hills Vineyard have planted about 100 trees and intend to produce olive oil as well.


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