In the air again

I left the vineyard last Sunday, a beautiful sunny winter’s day. It was a sad moment; in fact it always is. We drove down Two Hills road; Margit, Lucy, Charlotte and me. I drove our old pick-up truck. We were all able to control our emotions somehow. it was just such a good time we had together. They dropped me, a quick hug, a kiss, and they were gone.

At Melbourne airport I checked the wine section. Everywhere was the campaign “Put Victoria on your table”. In the wine from Victoria section I even found some wines from our region, the Upper Goulburn Wine Region. But most wines cam from the Yarra Valley.

While browsing through the bookshop, I picked up a copy of the biography of Led Zeppelin (by Mick Wall, titled “When giants walked the earth”), a genre of books which I usually do not buy. I felt a bit nostalgic, I guess and I bought it: reading material for the nine hours flight back to Bangkok and already “Stairways to heaven” in my mind.

The tune of “Stairways to heaven” was in my mind. I had just left heaven (we Adams are used to leave paradise). There is nothing better in life than fond memories and a good tune.

And ever since I have not produced a singel blog entry. Until today. I must have arrived somewhere.

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