Bacchus Corner: wine shop in Saigon, Vietnam

One of the many good things in Vietnam is, that there is plenty of wine available (another one is that the Vietnamese seem to have capitalism in their blood – I love capitalism). When strolling through the streets of Hanoi and Saigon I was always on the lookout for wine shops.

In Saigon I found Bacchus Corner, not far from the Rex Hotel, the hotel with the famous terrace. The internet says that there is also a Bacchus Corner in Hanoi, but I did not manage to get there.

Thanks god that he Vietnamese have no local wine industry to protect like the Thais, and therefore wine prices are not too high, though still far higher than in Australia or Germany.

Bacchus Corner

When I took the photo above I was overcome with joy. I had walked the city for about one hour and could not spot a single place where wine was on sale. Alas, Bacchus Corner came into sight. But first I had to cross a busy street with millions of motorcycles – after more than 20 years in Asia I am experienced at that.

The inside

The staff was extremely helpful and very friendly. I browsed through the wine on offer and settled for a bottle of Four Sisters 2006 Merlot. For 380,000 Dong (US$ 1 = 19,000 Dong) it did not come cheap. Most wines were beyond my reach financially. But there must be a market for such pricey wines.

Bacchus Corner also offered excellent whiskeys, cognacs, brandies and other spirits. If you are looking for a hard to get vintage wine, go to Bacchus and ask them to get it for you. Since the shop is still in the setting-up stage (one room was still being renovated), you will have great prospects to get a real treat, I guess.

Bacchus Corner
17/11 Le Thanh Ton St, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: =84-8-829-3306

3 Responses to Bacchus Corner: wine shop in Saigon, Vietnam

  1. Ed Kayros says:

    Dear Rainer,

    good to read that wine came to Vietnam. But I’m really suprised that they call 20 $ for one bottle of Merlot. Who is able to pay prices like that?

    Best regards,

  2. Ed Kayros says:

    sorry, wrong link to my webpage… 😦

  3. pietro says:


    Viet Nam has own production in Dalat. Pratically undrinkable but it doesn’t matter if they drink like recently in a Peoples Committees lunch I attended. Full glass, stand up and bottoms up….and all do that in a good Russian style 🙂
    the reason for high prices is firstly transportation cost’s due small volumes, secondly the aprox. 57% alcohol taxes for imported alcohols (wine included). That top’s the price to be about 3 times higher price than for example the same French wine in an French supermarket.

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