My wine cabinet

My wine cabinet

Have I ever shown you my wine cabinet? No? Here it is.

It was made by Mr. Mambo, our furniture-maker in Jakarta. It was copied from one of the furniture magazines from which he makes his stuff.

I love it very much. It has a (red) marble top and a wooden rack for hanging wine glasses. I have the bad habit of putting empty bottles at the top. Many of them I keep for reference until I have written about the specific wine.

In the tropics one cannot store wine in the base of the cabinet because it is just too hot for that. But my hopes are high that once we have moved to Glenburn for good, I can use it, at least during the colder months of the year.

2 Responses to My wine cabinet

  1. christian und maria says:

    Lieber Rainer,

    vor ein paar Tagen haben wir die letzte Flasche Deines “Two Hills”, Merlot, 2004 getrunken, abends. Und nur wir zwei.

    Maria war so begeistert, dass sie sich die folgenden Merkmale und Geschmacksnoten aufgeschrieben hat. Für Dich die Wiedergabe:

    Frühjahrswein, Kirsche, Holunder, Narzisse, Maiglöckchen, junge Tannenzweige, Flieder

    sanft und fein im Abgang, seidig, geschmeidig, leicht und trotzdem erdig

    schöne Farbe im Glas, hell, klar, leicht durchsichtig.

    So, das wars aus Fischen. Und schönen Dank für den Blog, wir fühlen uns geschmeichelt. Und: komm bald wieder.


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