Beijing gray

December 9, 2009

Well, I am in Beijing by now and I am very surprised that I can enter my blog. When I wanted to add the picture in Shanghai the other day, the Great Fire Wall of China prevented me from doing so. The more my surprise that I can enter now.

It was a pleasant day despite the grey winter weather. Almost no visibility today. The people are nice as always in China and the food is excellent. I will report about some of my culinary excursions later.

I found Christmas music in every shopping mall; giant Christmas trees in all colours with flashing lights welcome the casual visitor. More new buildings, shops and shopping malls, restaurants and fashion outlets seem to open ever since my last visit in August.

The highlight of the day was my visit to Red Gate Gallery at Dongbianmen Watchtower. The current exhibition reflects the vibrancy of the young Chinese artists and their sense of humour. If in Beijing you should go and have a look. It’s well worth it.