Tractor delivered

December 14, 2009

I know that many of the visitors of my blog are not interested in my “farm affairs” (statistics and comments point to that sad conclusion). This might have to do with the fact that most wine consumers are urban people removed from the realities of rural life and work on the land.

Nonetheless, I am thrilled by the fact that my new tractor was delivered last Friday. Michael, my brother in law, and Steve Sadlier, who manages our vineyard were there when Gordon rocked up with the trailer and dropped off our brand new Daedong tractor, received the good and stored them in the shed. We are ecstatic about this. I cannot wait to try the new Daedong out next time I am visiting. Michael took a couple of pictures which I show below.

Loading the machine off the trailer

Brand new Daedong tractor

Instructing the new user, Steve and Gordon

Get the machine into the shed

Dob well done, Michael and Steve