The first signs of spring in the vineyards of Olewig, Trier

This is just a photo blog entry. One could sense spring when I visited my hometown Trier in March. I deliberately went to the hight at “Perisberg” and have a good look around the vineyards and the city. I love Olewig and its wine festival. Come to Trier, the oldest city in Germany, it’s worth a visit.

The village of Olewig

Steep slope vineyards

The vines are pruned and ready for another season

The main cathedral in Trier

5 Responses to The first signs of spring in the vineyards of Olewig, Trier

  1. Doris Botterweck says:

    Greetings from Trier. I am just visiting my hometown (and your home town) and have to say that I really love it more everytime I come back. Looking forward to July when I will visit again. Greetings to you and the family in BGK. Doris

  2. giusepe says:

    Mmm…it’s seems that we have to find some time to visit this beautiful city, of course, not without you.
    So that I can put it between my With-Me maps!!

    Happy spring to everybody!

  3. roger white says:

    Have the vines budburst yet in Trier?

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