A simple Greek meal with retsina wine

March 16, 2011

My “fat” Greek dinner

I was not very hungry but needed some food. So why not to have a snack in a Greek restaurant, let’s call it Zeus? I needed something light and cheesy and that’s what I got. The ‘tiropites’ or ‘tyropitakia’ (turnovers in English) were filled with feta cheese and served with tzaziki. Very delicious indeed.

Retsina wine

As regards the choice of wine, I also decided on something earthy, simple, what the rural folks might drink. Therefore I ordered the house retsina (Ρετσίνα in Greek), the traditional white (or rose), resinated wine, which has been made for more than 2000 years on the Greek islands. It turned out that this was a very good choice.

I had a very enjoyable evening, a tasty meal and a good wine. God was Greek, as well know.