A new place, a new life

March 25, 2011

I returned from Germany to our new flat in Ekamai, Bangkok. Our family had moved in my absence; wife and children did all the hard work, I had just to get back.

I was still shocked somehow.

It takes a while to get used to new quarters. My rule of thumb is the following: if you can freely walk through your house in complete darkness and without knocking things over and bloody toes, feet and knees, you’ve made it. I know from experience, that it takes about one year to get to that stage.

Empty balkony

Well, the first night was a nightmare. The sounds were complete foreign to me and very strange indeed. The wind howled around the bedroom corner; dogs kept barking through the night, it seemed.

I did not expect that moving from the third to the tenth floor would bring such inconvenience. I felt completely unsettled, slept badly for days.

But as an optimist by nature, I know that I will get over it.
Just give yourself some time, I said to myself to calm me down.

Welcome to Bangkok.

View over Ekamai, the blue highrise opposite, houses my office

PS: Needless to say that I could not find the inner balance to write anything for this blog. My blogging is in disarray. I have no place yet where to put my computer. I need a place to do my blogging stuff with my small wine library on hand, some old bottles of wine, brochures and information materials. I will work on it.