The Gourmet Garage, Jakarta II

Again we went to have lunch at the Gourmet Garage and had a wonderful meal there. I drank a beer with my Australian Burger.


It was a light ale (Golden Ale), a beer produced on Bali, called Storm Beer . The description on the label reminded me of wine tasting notes. The Storm Brewing Company (
produces traditional ales according to century-old recipes and claims on their website that they use only 100% natural ingredients, pure water, of course, and absolutely no additives or preservatives which is a challenge in the tropics where beer can easily “overheat” somewhere in the delivery process. But it was a very nice drink, indeed.

The food came as always from the three Gourmet Garage menus. For my taste there was too much mayonnaise in the food (not in my burger, though), but the children loved it.



Japanese beef


Cesar Salad

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