Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company, Prince Edward County, Ontario

August 20, 2011

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory

On our second day at Prince Edward County, Ontario we went to the east side of the island to explore the scenery and to visit a winery (Del Gatto Estates Winery) and the cheese factory of which we had heard so much of.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory cheeses have an extremely good reputation. The company produces cheeses made of goats, sheep and cows milk. Rumor has it that the company reached its five year target after the first year!

It was the second of August, the sky was blue and we were in euphoric holiday mode. The drive to this most eastern place on Prince Edward County through the lush country side was very pleasant.

A fancy assembly place

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Factory is a division of Cressy Gourmet Investments, which is an incorporated and privately owned environmentally and “socially responsible” enterprise. The company has won many environmental awards for energy efficiency but also for its cheeses.

A veggie garden in front of the factory

Boards explaining the energy efficiency

…and the building material used

Peeping into the factory where the cheeses are made

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company won 5 of 21 awards given to Ontario dairies at the recently held American Cheese Society 2011 Annual Cheese Competition held in Montréal. Winning cheeses were as follows:

“1. Fellowship – 2nd – International style, open sheep and mixed milk
2. 1yr old Premium Goat Cheddar – 2nd – aged cheddar between 12 & 24 months, all milks
3. Premium Goat Cheddar – 3rd – cheddar from goat milk, aged less than 12 months
4. Rose Haus – 3rd – washed rind open category made from cow milk
5. Cape Vessey – 3rd – washed rind open category made from goat milk”, says the FT website.

Cheese tasting

Our booty

We could not resist buying a few cheeses (for about 90 Canadian dollars), some of them we should enjoy with our hosts in Stratford, others we took back to Germany.

The factory is a good place to visit at the island. You should not miss it when visiting Prince Edward County in Ontario.

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
4309 County Road #8
Picton, Ontario, Canada K0K 2T0
Tel: +1-613-476-5755
Fax: +1-613-476-5855

The map how to get there:


Gourmet cheese: Australia at the top

March 29, 2008

At the 27th Biennial World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin, USA an Australian parmesan cheese has won the top honors. Mil Lel Superior Parmesan is the lucky winner. Their cheese scored 98.5 out of 100 points and beat entries from USA. New Zealand and Europe for the best tasting parmesan cheese of the world. One would have expected an Italian cheese to win these honers.

There is a strong controversy about parmesan cheese. A European court rules recently that only cheese produced near the Italian town of Parma can legally bear this name.

Mil Lel cheese is produced in the town of Simpson in southern Victoria by the Dairy Farmers co-operative. The members of the co-operative are, of course, very proud of this achievement.

Results World Cheese Championship
Category 19 Parmesan

1. Simpson Grana Team Australian Co-Operative Foods Lidcombe, NSW 1825, Australia Best of Class Mil Lel Superior Parmesan

2.Aaron Quick Sartori Food Corporation Antigo, WI USA Second Award Sarvecchio parmesan

3. Josh Krause BelGioioso Cheese, Inc. Denmark, WI USA Third Award Parmesan

Also in category 34 – Camembert & Other Surface (Mold) Ripened Cheeses – Australian products were the best, and again it came from Victoria.

1. Burnie Team National Foods, Ltd. Mulgrave, Victoria 3180, Australia Best of Class Tasmanian Heritage Traditional Camembert

2. Burnie Team National Foods, Ltd. Mulgrave, Victoria 3180, Australia Second Award TH Signature camembert

3. Roland Weidenholzer Berglandmilch / Schardinger A-4066 Pasching, Austria Third Award Schardinger Rahm-Camembert

I could not find any German cheese among the award winners. Most categories were dominated by USA cheeses but there were also winners from the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Spain and France.

The overall winner, however, was a cheese from Europe. World Champion was

Le Gruyere Switzerland
Made by Michael Spycher
Kaeserei Fritzenhaus
Wasen, Switzerland
Champion Round Score: 98.82

The First Runner-Up came from Italy.

Made by CERPL Cheesemakers
CERPL for DCI Cheese Co.
Bologna, Italy
Champion Round Score: 98.56

The Second Runner-Up came again from Switzerland.

Made by Bernhard Naf
Kaeserei Guntershausen
Guntershausen, Switzerland
Champion Round Score: 98.42

Check out the results on the following website:

Happy tasting of your own cheese.