Shanghai by night

Shanghai World Financial Center

My friend Wolfgang took me around Shanghai by bight. After we had dinner with view of the Bund, we climed two of the hightes buildings, the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m), also called “the bottle opener” and the Jin Mao Tower (421 m).

Three men welcoming us at the elevator

The entrance presents itself in a kind of minimalist Japanese style, resembling a bit an Egyptian tomb somehow. Very interesting feeling entering this building.

The top 30 odd floors are occupied by the Hyatt Hotel. The following two pictures show these floors. We did not go to the observations desk because it was just too late. Our walk led us to various restaurants and bars, all splendidly furnished.

Photo from the lobby upwards where a band was performing

Photo from above, 30 floors down is the dance floor where the band is playing

It was a breathtaking walk, a bit overwhelming though. More about Chinese food you will encounter in my next blog entry.

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