First Anniversary: Open Wine Consortium


The Open Wine Consortium is now one year old. Congratulations folks! On this innovative social network platform more than 3100 wine aficionados from all around the world, some of them from the wine industry (grape producers, vintners, wine-makers, as well as wine and food marketing people), some of them just passionate wine lovers and consumers, regularly meet and exchange ideas and information.

When I became a members, I honestly did not know what to do out there. And frankly speaking, I still do not grasp the full potential of this new way for social exchange. It also somehow conflicts with my writing and reading habits on the internet, and of course with my blogging work. I just do not have the time to do both.


There is even more out there in the virtual world. New things which I have not explored as yet. For instance there is a group called “Twitter Taste Live”. On this platform you can tweet your latest tasting notes. I will try it right now for the first time.

And? it worked, hurrah. Web 2.0 in full swing. Here is the proof.


I guess I will have to extend the hours of the day from 24 to 28, or something like it.
I suggest: try it out.

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