Exploration trip to Bangkok

The other day, the four of us went to Bangkok. I had a seminar and staff training with my new team and the three women checked out the new school and were going on house hunting to find a new home.

The last evening of our stay we met and compared notes. Nothing could be better for such undertaking than a family meal at a nice Thai restaurant. We walked down the street right into the Ninth Cafe.

What a great time we had

The restaurant is a very pleasant place. I was there once before. The staff was very friendly and we were very hungry. We ordered a couple of appetizers. Margit and myself we had fish with mashed potatoes and the girls had a Chinese chicken soup. It all tasted delicious. We were in a jolly good mood. Everything had worked out so well and we are very optimistic about our coming move to Thailand.

Of course the adults had a bottle of wine with their meal. We choose a bottle of Hardy’s Cabernet Sauvignon, nothing special but delightful and it suited the mood.

A typical Thai appetizer

Appetizers for the hungry kids – chicken wings

Fish with mashed potatoes

A Chinese type dish

Happy girls

The gods were smiling on us

The Ninth Cafe
59/5 Soi Langsuan, Ploenchit Road
Bangkok 10330

Note: This restaurant gets excellent recommendations and reviews. Go and visit.

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