Its pruning time in the vineyard

July 1, 2008

Winter in Victoria is usually a very nice time, not too cold but has many days with beautiful blue sky and sunshine. It always reminds me of an Irish summer.

In the vineyard we are busy pruning , of course. The vines below are awaiting the pruners.

Our professional association, the Upper Goulburn Winegrowers Association advertised recently a pruning course (

This reminded me of the virtual-pruning tool of the German University of Hohenheim near Stuttgart. From time to time I play with it to somehow make up for not being in the vineyard this time of the year. Its in German, but I am sure you will master it. Its strait forward.

Wachsen = grow
Schere = secateurs
Biegen = bend
Neu = new
Zeit = season
Fruehling = spring
Sommer = summer
Herbst = autumn
Winter = winter

Check out the link below and prune your heart out. Have fun.