My orchids must know…..

July 12, 2008

My garden is my treasure, as you probably know. We were very lucky to have such a splendid place for so long. Living in Asian capital cities finds garden enthusiasts like me often in dire straits as far as nature is concerned.

Most of my orchids were passed on to me by my friend Peter Hagen before he and his family left Indonesian after many years. I will pass them on to a friend as well.

The other day another one of my orchids, an orchid which was not very generous with blooming in the past, bloomed. Wandering about the garden, I wondered if the plant knew that I am leaving soon.

I know of course that the onset of the dry season is also the season for many orchids to bloom. But a nicer good-bye I could not have imagined.

A “special” Orchid…

..and the “normal” ones.