Surprise surprise

October 31, 2011

Because of a technical defect of a Lufthansa aircraft I had missed my connecting flight to Bangkok and was stuck in Frankfurt for a day.

Upon my return the next day, I was surprised by a group of kids in our apartment block. The door bell rang and voila I found myself opposite a group of “Halloween”-kids (our family doesn’t do Halloween).

The kids in front of our door

Fortunately my daughters had prepared some sweets and even backed some Halloween biscuits. They tasted very nice.

PS: All photos courtesy of Lucy Adam

Halloween – biscuit style

November 1, 2009


Lucy and Charlotte were busy in the kitchen. The twins produced “Halloween biscuits” (aren’t they beautiful?), which were sold at school for charity. Being a bit old-fashioned-continental Halloween does not mean anything to me. The cookies, however, I just love although there were none left for me so that I could taste them. What consoles me is that Charlotte did not get one either. Only the lucky Lucy bought the second last one, I heard.

Happy celebrations. Cheers