Out of business ? The Hong Kong Wine and Spirits Fair – excitement pour

I am in Hong Kong right now and very busy with my day job, which keeps me busy at night as well. So no time to write anything meaningful. Yesterdays local newspaper, the South China Morning Post, carried an interesting article about wine consumption in the territory. Moreover, two additional sections of the paper were devoted to food and wine and the up-coming wine and spirits fair.

Unfortunately, I will leave early tomorrow morning and therefore will miss the wine and spirits fair when it is open to the public on Saturday. If I would have known beforehand. The event must be an exciting one. There are 950 exhibitors from 36 countries, among them also the World’s Best Winemaker, Australia’s McGuigan Winery.

The import data on wine are impressive. Especially new world wine imports increased last year in Hong Kong. The sharpest increase was reported for wines from South Africa where sales were up by 52 % by value and 47% by volume. Imports from Chile increased by 36% and 33% respectively.

The bad news is that total wine imports dropped by 18% in value over the last year. Wines from France are still the most popular in Hong Kong. On the plane tomorrow morning, i will study the trade magazine and learn more about the fascinating world of wine consumption in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned. Cheers

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