Merlot revival – Robertson Winery, South Africa

November 4, 2012

2010 Merlot by Robertson Winery

Recently I have been reading a lot about the revival and/or comeback of Merlot. I am not sure if this is real. It might be only applicable to California and not the “rest” of the wine world.

As a Merlot grape grower myself, I would welcome it if the variety would receive more attention again. But my own Merlot is very very fruity, full of cherry flavours which might put some wine drinkers off because it can be quite overpowering.

However that may be. Today I bought a bottle of ‘2010 Merlot’ by the Robertson Winery in South Africa. At 14% alcohol it was quite a big wine. Medium bodied and well balanced, it represented a perfect example of what Merlot can do.

The back label

The plum aromas went very well with the steak, we had it with. I was barbecuing on the terrace and the aged beef, just with some garlic gloves, some rosemary and salt and pepper, was juicy and tasteful. This was a good choice of wine though I did not know the winery, and just took my chances.

Beautiful piece of beef

Come and see me in Bangkok. I will cook for you.