The other day in Germany 3: 2005 Lemberger by Count Neipperg Estate


Another very good wine which I had tasted last time I visited Germany was a ‘2005 Lemberger’ by Count Neipperg Estate in Wuerttemberg, the 4th largest wine region in Germany (about 12,000 ha under vines).

Lemberger (also called Blaukraenkisch), a late ripening grape, is variety imported from Slovenia in the 19th century. Ever since it is a major variety in Wuerttemberg.

The wine is rich in tannins and has a somewhat spicy character. I liked the fruity bouquet. Because of its complex composition of acidity Lemberger has a good aging potential. The locals love it and deem the Lemberger wines superior to any other.

The Count Neipperg Estate is located in Schwaigern, near the city of Heilbronn in the north of the Wuerttemberg region. The estate has a long tradition (eight centuries!). The most important locations (terroir) are the ‘Neipperger Schlossberg’, ‘Schwaigerner Ruthe’ and ‘Klingenberger Schlossberg’. Apart from Lemberger, Trollinger, Riesling and Traminer grapes are grown among others.

Since 1971 the Neipperg family has also invested in the French wine industry (Saint-Emilion and Sauternes for instance). Since 2005 vineyards in Bulgaria were added to the portfolio.

Gräfl.Neippergsche Hauptverwaltung
74193 Schwaigern/Württ.,Schloss
Tel.: +49-7138-941400
Fax: +49-7138-4007

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