Taiwanese delicacies: Yu Tou Guo (芋 頭 粿)

“Yu Tou Guo” 芋 頭 粿 on display in Lugang, Tainwan

How “Yu Tou Guo” 芋 頭 粿 is made on the street

While walking the streets of Lugang the other day, I observed women making a strange dish. I took some photos and asked my friend Chimei the next day what it was. “Yu Tou Guo” (芋 頭 粿) was the result. Well, what is it, you might ask.

It seems Yu Tou Guo (芋 頭 粿) is made from taro, a tropical root vegetable. It is a kind of steamed taro cake, stuffed with some filling. I saw the women doing it, but did not ask because this stall was very busy. I will have to find out what the filling is made of. I did not dare buying one since it looked raw and not ready for consumption. All the buyers took it away, nobody ate from it on the spot. I will have to find out more and give it a try next time.

PS: My Chinese dictionary gave me another combination for “Taro” in the simplified character form. But since I was in Taiwan, where the “full” Chinese characters are used, I guess that what Chimei scribbled on a piece of paper for me was correct.


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