The troubles of blogging from rural Australia

To say it from the outset, blogging from rural Australia was no fun. We had bought only a small package with limited capacity (which we forgot, our own fault). That turned out to be a desaster. The package was not cheap and the penalty rates immorally exorbitant!

Because the four of us used the internet as we are used to in Bangkok, Thailand where we have excellent facilities, enjoy fast access to a reasonable price, we went far above the contracted amount and were heavily punished. Telstra imposed a huge penalty on us which swallowed a big part of our holiday budget.

After that I had lost all interest in blogging. It was our own fault, yes I know. I can only blame myself. However, the Man from Mosel River went silent for almost two weeks. Instead I kept myself busy working on the vineyard. I was in the fresh winter air at Two Hills Vineyard and enjoyed myself.

After my return to Bangkok I was busy with catching up with my work. Now I have recovered somehow from the shock. But do not worry I will start blogging again, I promise. I have collected so many stories, tasted so many good wines, talked to so many interesting artisan winemakers and vignerons that I cannot keep quiet. Thats the good news.

Australia has to do a lot more to get the rural hinterland connected at affordable rates. What is certainly also needed is some more competition among service providers to increase choice and reduce the costs of being linked to cyberspace and to the outside world.

2 Responses to The troubles of blogging from rural Australia

  1. Al says:

    G’Day mate

  2. Barbara says:

    So happy to have you back!!!! Ich vermisste meine Montag morgen-Lektüre. Liebe Grüße aus Weyhe nach Bangkok.

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