Fencing at Two Hills Vineyard

It’s autumn in Glenburn, Victoria. Our vineyard shows beautiful coloured leaves before the onset of the Australian winter. We are so happy that our property, though the fire went through it, did not vanish in the bushfire of February 7th. The volunteer fire fighters saved our place. Thank you again folks from the bottom of my heart.

Through the burned gum trees you can see the vineyard and our “shed”, the small house where we spend our holidays and which holds our vineyard equipment and machinery. We are so lucky to still have it.


Two Hills Vineyard in autumn

We lost some kilometres of fences, though. Our neighbours have started to rebuilt the damaged joint border fences. My brother-in-law, Michael and his wife Helen helped us to get the new fences going. Volunteers also showed up to help.

They came through Blaze Aid a civil society organisation mobilising support for those who suffered through the fires. Meanwhile several hundred of kilometres of fences have been resurrected by them. They helped us to take off the old wires and posts. Thank you folks. Blaze Aid is a great initiative and shows the vibrancy of Australian society.


Michael working on the fence at Two Hills Vineyard

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