Thailand’s Best Restaurant – Patara

June 18, 2009

We are so lucky in Bangkok. Our humble home in Thonglor is just around the corner from some major eateries. One of them is Patara Restaurant which we patronize from time to time. During a recent visit we discovered that Patara was bestowed with the Best Restaurant of Thailand award. They deserve it. I tell you, the food is delicious as the following pictures suggest.



When Jasmin from Jakarta visited us recently, we took her out to Patara and had a wonderful meal. The two entrees below are fabulous. We drank beer with the Thai food. The Phuket beer is not bad. But Patara has also a fine wine list, we just did not feel like wine.


Fltr: Charlotte, Margit, Rainer, Jasmin, and Lucy





Finally, we discovered that Patara restaurant is also offering a cooking book. If in Bangkok next time Patara is a must for you and any gourmet traveler.