Some good among the bad

Sitting on my terrace this Friday morning, I read, as always, my morning International Herald Tribune . On the second page new findings about the health benefits of wine are described by Roni Caryn Rabin. What a pleasant surprise.

After all the bad news, the fires in Victoria, the loss of our 2009 vintage, the downturn of the Australian wine industry, global warming and the general disaster of the global financial crisis, there is finally also something good in the news.

My paternal grandfather died of esophageal adenocarcinoma (Barretts’s esophagus), a cancer of the throat linked to heartburn and acid reflux. There is, however, another form of esophageal cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, where alcohol is a well established risk factor. So maybe the avoidance of one cancer might lead to the emergence of another?

Caution is warranted as with all kinds of nutritional studies. And after all, I do not drink wine to avoid a certain disease but because I enjoy the taste of the glorious liquid.

Maybe a flower a day will do as well?


A gardenia flower from my rooftop garden in Bangkok

You might think the guy is out of his mind. Come and visit me in Bangkok and experience first hand.

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