Fire, fire, everywhere

February 8, 2009

Goodness me, after the heatwave came the fire and with it death and destruction. In short, it got really bad in rural Victoria. The current bushfires are the worst in Australian history. The fires have claimed about 84 lives (and the numbers are rising) and more than 700 homes so far, according to the news. Kinglake, just a couple of kilometres from Glenburn is completely destroyed. Some say, the same fate happened to Glenburn. The pictures on the websites are awful so are the videos. The testimonies of people show them devastated after the tragic loss of life and property.

We’ve been calling family and friends. So far so good. Let us hope for the best. Hope dies last.

I am feeling so stupid right now here in Bangkok, so stupid, unbelievable. Helpless, completely helpless. There is a song for this. Watch Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young with Joni Mitchell: