Another year gone bye

Because of our move to Bangkok, Friday was a busy day. Packers everywhere, the house is like a nest of wasps, it seemed. Not easy under such conditions to find some peace of mind, but I did.

Another year had gone bye. My daughters had woken me early in the morning to wish me happy birthday. More well-wishers would come to join them over the day. My birthday dinner consisted of a ‘Risotto ai Funghi Porcini’, hm, that was beautiful as we say in Australia. I have loved risotto ever since we lived in Rome, Italy. And ‘funghi porcini’ is just the best “profumo” you can imagine.

What a wonderful ruby red colour the Shiraz from Hanging Rock has.
Risotto ai Funghi Porcini

Unfortunately, we did not have an Italian wine to go with it. Since my wine cellar is almost empty, I had not much choice. There were only three bottles of Australian wine, all red, left,

a ‘2004 Two Hills Merlot’ (reserved for the last evening in our house),

a ‘2001 D’Arenberg Coppermine Road Cabernet Sauvignon’ from McLaren Vale (I had paid US$ 40 for this bottle) and

a ‘2004 Hanging Rock Cambrian Rise Shiraz’ from Heathcote.

The two whites I have reserved are for lunch on Saturday and Sunday:

a ‘2005 Kitzinger Hofrat, Silvaner dry’ from Bernhard Voelker, Kitzingen in Franconia


a ‘2003 Saar Riesling’ from Van Volxem Estate in Wiltingen, Saar.

The tasting room of Van Volxem Estate in Wiltingen, Saar (picture taken in July this year)

I chose the ‘2004 Hanging Rock Shiraz’. The bottle was given to me by Andrew at the cellar door when we went on a wine tasting in August last year. If you visit the region of the Macedon Ranges in Victoria, you have to see this vineyard and taste its award-winning wines (see also my blog entry from 09. September 2007).

Hanging Rock has also a vineyard in the Heathcote wine region, Central Victoria where its award-winning Shiraz wines are grown which enjoy an enormous demand from consumers in China.

The Hanging Rock winery in the Macedon Ranges. In the back you can see the rock. The photo was taken in August 2007.

The wine is a blend from several vineyards near the Mt. Carmel range. It is beautiful, has a ruby red colour, and very intense plum and cherry aromas; it is very fruity, has immense depth, a good structure and actually everything you want from a Shiraz from the Heathcote wine region with its hot summers. The Cambrian soils of the Heathcote region are the key to the fame of its Shiraz wines.

Isn’t the ruby red colour of the Shiraz of Hanging Rock wonderful?

Pity the wine did not match the food (my mistake). The ‘funghi porcini’ were too delicate and subtle and the wine just overpowered the fragrance of the earthy mushrooms. We did not care this time, enjoyed the tropical garden view and the sweet heat of a dry-season evening. One last time. I wonder where I will celebrate my next birthday. Over these thoughts I blew the smoke of a Partagas cigar which was given to me by my friends Liz and Walter in Jakarta. Delicious!

6 Responses to Another year gone bye

  1. susannah16 says:

    I can’t wait until my next trip to Australia to visit Hanging Rock. Beautiful color on that Shiraz and the risotto looks wonderful.

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! o meglio, tanti auguri!

  2. thomas weber says:

    Hi Rainer,

    this is a comment to “The last Mohican”: there is another lucky-one to possess some bottles of the 2004 Merlot “Two Hills”: guess who!

    Cheers from Haren on the ems river

  3. Rainer Adam says:

    Thanks Susannah for the kind birthday wishes. If you should go to Ozz, please let me know. Some of my friends in Victoria would certainly love to meet you and show you around.
    …and thanks for dropping by.

  4. Rainer Adam says:

    Sorry Thomas, I should not have overlooked you. How long are you hanging on to this red?
    Cheers Rainer

  5. Iris says:

    Happy birthday – herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich zum Geburtstag. Bei uns gab es an diesem letzten Löwentag im August auch ein Geburtstagskind zu feiern – natürlich mit Lisson-Wein.
    Hier auf der Nordhalbkugel warten wir sehnsüchtig auf die Weinernte, die Witterungsbedingungen waren ja auch in Südfrankreich recht wechselhaft, da hoffen wir natürlich, dass uns die endlich eingekehrte Sonne mit Azorenhoch lang genug erhalten bleibt, um unsere Ernte (sicher 2 Wochen später als sonst, also noch mal: Risikooooo) heil und reif einzuholen.

    Liebe Grüße aus dem Süden des Nordens


  6. Rainer Adam says:

    Vielen dank Iris, fuer ide lieben Gruesse und guten Wuensche.

    Sorry fuer die verspaetete Antwort, aber wir sind mitten im Umzug.

    Wuerde Euren wein auch sehr gerne einmal probieren und merke das mal vor fuer unseren naechsten Europabesuch.

    Ich druecke die Daumen fuer eine gute Traubenernte.

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