The Blöser winery

November 11, 2007


The Bloeser vineyard and the “wine walk” (a vineyard and wine appreciation path) at the Suelzenberg

When I wrote about the ‘Weingut Suelz’ wine bar some time ago, I also referred to the Bloeser family ( and its vineyards at the Suelzenberg (the most northerly vineyard along the Rhine) in Oberdollendorf, near Koenigswinter along the Rhine river. Winemaking is an old tradition in the Bloeser family (since 1696!). Today the family cultivates 7.2 ha of vineyards.

The main varieties are Riesling and Mueller-Thurgau, furthermore Portugieser, Dornfelder, Scheurebe, Kerner, Optima, Traminer, Pinot Noir and Regent are grown. The cellar door and the tasting shed (an old barn) are worth visiting. Tastings are to be held for groups of 15 and more persons but you can also visit the cellar door and taste some wines there.

The Bloeser webpage shows some very interesting pictures of the historic buildings in the vicinity of the winery and the picturesque village of Oberdollendorf.

Prices start from 3.3 EURO/0.75 l. bottle. Reds are a bit dearer (6.3 EURO for Dornfelder, Regent and Pinot Noir). Riesling Auslese and Beerenauslese cost between 9.0 and 15.5 EURO per bottle.


A new planting at the Suelzenberg


Two generations of Bloeser vintners in the vineyard


Weingut Bloeser
Bachstrasse 112
53639 Koenigswinter-Oberdollendorf
Tel.: (+49) 02223-3322 and 3634