Country Australia – Music for old folks

November 10, 2007

While in Australia in July this year, we went to a couple of live music events in country pubs, which was great fun. We listened to various singers and bands while downing a glass of beer and/or wine. The quality of the music was usually excellent. In the Toolangi Tavern for instance, we were very surprised when on a Wednesday we went for dinner and were netertained by a jazz band. I also loved to listen to the young singers in the St. Andrews pub after the closure of the St. Andrews market, but equally enjoyed the seasoned band named “The Heartstarters” playing on a Sunday afternoon on the balcony of the Grand Hotel in Healesville. Here the grandchildren of the band members danced enthusiatically as did the many old folks present. It’s also a great diversion for working people who have sufficient time to get ready for their Monday jobs, since this is an afternoon affair. I can only recommend these kind of events, especially since nowadays many pubs carry an excellent selection of local Australian wines.


The jazz band at the Toolangi Tavern


Life music at the St. Andrews pub


The ‘Heartstarters’ at the terrace of the Grand Hotel


Legends in their own lifetime: Margit Adam, Brett Travis, Michael Meinhold enjoying the music at The Grand Hotel in Healesville