The Bund Brewery in Shanghai – 上海外滩啤酒总汇有限公司

June 29, 2010

A wheat beer brewed in China

A couple of weeks ago when I visited Shanghai I ended up in a very nice watering whole, the Bund Brewery. The brewery is located in one of the side-streets of the famous stretch along the Bund where droves of people stroll along the river and enjoy the spectacular city scenery.

The bar with the brewery equipment

The Bund Brewery is a crowded and noisy place, full of Chinese customers interspersed with a couple of foreign tourists. I went straight to the bar and ordered what my neighbor was drinking, a wheat beer. I should not regret it. The beer was very nice, just like a good Bavarian wheat beer. Excellent, and not too expensive. Later I had some snacks as well.

German brewing equipment from Bamberg

When looking around I realized that some of the equipment came from Bamberg in Franconia. I had to take a photo of the plaque.

If you stroll along the Bund and you do not want to visit one of the many posh, elegant and exclusive cocktail bars, the Bund Brewery is the right place for you, a true “people’s place” for common folk and others alike.

Bund Brewery
11 Hankou Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
Shanghai, China
Tel.: 6321 8447
Opening: Fri+Sat 11am – 4am, Sun-Thu 11am – 2am

“Just off the boat….”

June 7, 2008

Colleagues from afar (fltr. Rainer, Sagarica, Joerg, Annemie, Philipp)

I attended a work conference in Potsdam near Berlin. The very first day, I went out with some colleagues to have lunch. We found a Bavarian Beer garden restaurant, usually no place to have a decent wine but plenty of good beers in big glasses. Wheat beet or “Weissbier” is one of my favorites.

Bavarian Wheat beer

May is asparagus time in Germany, usually enjoyed with a glass of white wine, maybe a Pinot Gris or Blanc, or a Riesling. Not so in a Bavarian environment, of course, but the beer was delicious too.

Asparagus, ‘old German style’

A typical Bavarian “snack” is “white sausages” served with sweet mustard. Well, Potsdam is far away from Bavaria so the sweet mustard was missing in this case.

Bavarian “Weisswuerste”

White and blue are the colours of Bavaria. Next time you find yourself in a Bavarian environment, try out some of the special local dishes.