The year of living baldly

December 20, 2010

It is now about exactly one year that I cut what was left of my hair and adopted the new hairstyle which has become so prominent especially among celebrities but also among many ordinary men like me.

From Bruce Willis to Kelly Slater hairlessness has rarely been that cool. I remember of course Yul Brunner from my youth. He was not my role model, though, I was rather orienting myself towards the hairy hunks such as Frank Zappa, Ian Anderson, Neil Young or Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Opinion is divided about the outcome. My children just love it and my mother just hates it. She is reminiscing about the good old days when I belonged to the post-hippy or flower-power generation and my long red curls touched my shoulders. My mum treasures the memories of that time.

Well, I am not the same. About 40 odd years older, one has to think about re-inventing oneself. The central questions for some is: Is bald beautiful? To others the main question is: Is bald practical? And the third category of people might ask if it is beautiful and practical at the same time?

I of course cannot answer the first and the last question. I find practical that I do not have to dry my hair after washing them in the morning. I wet flannel is actually sufficient to clean myself now. But I have also some more work, because I have to shave my scull regularly.

But what is most important to me is that I feel good about myself. And that’s what I do. I might stay bald for a while.

Cheers, have a sip of wine and enjoy the coming festive season.

Back from the Mosel River

August 12, 2010

Photo taken in Paris at the City Museum

The Man from Mosel River is back in action. After a long, long flight yesterday, we got home to Bangkok safely but exhausted. The summer holidays are over. Needless to say that we had a great time in Europe.

I gained extremely valuable experience with old and new wines and in the process of wining and dining three to four kilos of additional weight. I am also “loaded” with stories of wine, food and play “incidents”.

Europe and its people were kind to us. The summer was just wonderful; blue sky and warm, even hot (we had 45-48 Celsius in Rome) at times, with long and glorious evenings which we spent in beer gardens, restaurants and at barbecues with family and friends.

It is nice to be home again. The weather in Bangkok is humid and cooler than when we left Thailand five weeks ago. Moreover, today is a public holiday and I have time to recover from the excruciating flight.

Sparkle sparkle little wine

I was not able to produce any blog entry after the one on Villa Bucci, Italy. Ever since we have visited Paris, the “Muensterland”, Bavaria, and enjoyed wines from the Mosel, Saar, Nahe and Main (Franconia) among others. In the days to come, I will try to work on my material and extract some interesting information which I will post on the Man from Mosel River.

Bear with me and cheers to the good times.