Birds growing up

September 22, 2009


Birds with proper feathers

I regularly monitor the development of my two little birds, and as you can see from the photos, they are growing up fast, very fast. I am very protective of my Yellow-vented Bulbuls and hope they can grow up in safety to become beautiful birds. The nest is now getting smaller for the growing birds.


Always hungry


Also the parents are very attentive and wary of the humans of course.

The Yellow-vented Bulbul or Merbah Kapur (Pycnonotus goiavier) of the passerine family is quite common in South-East Asia. They originate from the mangrove forests and coastal scrubs which were so widespread in this part of the world. They forage not only on insects but also eat small fruit, berries, sip nectar and nibble on young shoots. They are also not afraid to browse for feed on the ground.

The adult birds are about 20 cm long, their crest is slight and they are yellow under their tail. They remind me of Zorro as the black stripes on their face look like a mask. Both parents incubate and raise the young. We had only two eggs but they lay up to five. I look forward to the next stage in their upbringing.

Two young birds

September 19, 2009


My two little Merbah Kapur – Yellow-vented Bulbuls have grown a little. The parents are very busy collecting insects to fee the two hungry beaks. They have also grown some feathers.


New chicks on the block

September 13, 2009


Two eggs only

Today I discovered that the little Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier) or Merbah Kapur as we call them in Malay, which had built an elaborate nest in on of the bushes just next to the table on our terrace, and which had laid two eggs some time ago, has had young ones. Our terrace is about 80 sq. meters and we planted a lot of different pot plants. I found the two hungry birds today. Welcome to Bangkok.


Eggs become chicks