My favourite single malt – Laphroaig

June 13, 2011

Today we take a break from fermented grape juice. It’s single malt time. My favourite single malt whisky comes from Islay, it’s Laphroaig!

I would never have thought that I could be converted to whisky. My friend Rainer Heufers did the trick. He also gave me the Michael Jackson “Malt Whisky Companion”, and from there on I was on my own to explore the wondderful world of single malt whisky. It’s worth it. The rich flavour come from the islands peat, and, of cause, it’s pure water. I just love the earthiness, the barley and peat aromas. Beats many other drinks for sure.

A loud cheers on Pentecostal Monday. And thanks again Rainer.