Three treasures and my new knife

September 26, 2010

Three treasures

I just got back from a business trip to Mongolia where I had a great time (but none for blogging). Unfortunately, I had no time to look for a Mongolian herdsman’s knife.

However, I bought a new knife during our summer holidays in Italy. I just love the knives produced by Scarperia Consigli near Florence. I choose a fisherman’ knife, called Anconetano typical of the central Adriatic coast.

So what are the three treasures? Well, in the photo above you can see my new knife from Scarperia Consigli, a DIAM cork used by the Mayer Vineyard (coming a chardonnay recently) and a my favorite cigar from Nicaragua.

Crêpes de Paris

September 26, 2010

As mentioned before, to many of this summers’ stories I only slowly get around to. As you can see Crêpes do not need to be sweet. Our friends Norbert and Myria took us to a wonderful little Crêpes restaurant where we had lunch. Crêpes lend themselves to fusion. One can combine them with all kinds of different raw materials and spices. Most were made with buckwheat.

Chicken curry crêpe

Crêpe with avocado

Crêpe with tomatoes and cheese

A salad

Crêpe with cheese only

Crêpe with ice cream, chocolate and pears

The drink of choice was not wine, but apple cider. Delicious stuff on a hot summers day in Paris.