Heading home

When you read this I might be high up in the sky, asleep on the plane and dreaming of my two weeks vacation on the farm in Glenburn, Victoria. Or if you come a bit late to this blog entry, I sit already on our terrace, enjoying the autumn days together with friends and family and we eat and drink, and laugh and have fun.

The wine we’ll drink will be definitively be Two Hills Merlot. We might also drink some of our friends newest releases, cleanskins, or right from the barrel. Or we take a long walk in the vineyard. Or I sit on my brnadnew tractor and slash the grass. Or or or. So many possibilities but one thing is sure: we will have a jolly good time.

I do not know if I will be blogging. I might start a series of short entries such as “a photo a day” or something like it. If you do not see me on The Man from Mosel River for a while do not worry. I will be in heavan drinking great wines in the company of friends. Seeya soon.

One Response to Heading home

  1. Jyoti says:

    I should have known you would have a wine blog. perhaps a motivation for me to make mine a real chocolate critique site instead of the political leaning one that it is?

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