Yesterday, my good friend Peter Ryan passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was buried this morning in Singapore. We are mourning him.

Pete was a wonderful man, kind and loving and always helping out. He was a teetotaler, not drinking a sip of alcohol, but his liver failled him nonetheless (cirrhosis).

He tought me, among others, how ups and downs are part of human existence and that in end both do not matter. I also learned from him to appreciate the beauty of eccentricity.

He was a fan of Johanna Budwig and defeated his liver cancer successfully following the Budwig diet.

I salute you my dear friend. We will drink a bottle of champagne tonight in your honor, I will smoke a cigar and we will be reminiscing about the good times we had together. We will celebrate your life and the impermanence of it.

Though I am not particularly religious, I like the Irish folk song, “Your long jouney”, especially its version by Robert Pant and Alison Krauss. Two of the verses I find appropriate and want to share with you.

Your long journey

1. Verse
God’s given us years of happiness here
Now we must part
And as the angels come and call for you
The pains of grief tug at my heart

3. Verse
Fond memories I’ll keep of happy ways
That on earth we trod
And when I come we will walk hand in hand
As one in heaven in the family of god

3 Responses to Obituary

  1. Sandra Olson says:

    Dear Rainer,

    Thank you for writing this tribute to Peter. I’ve
    been concerned about him since I didn’t receive replies to emails I’ve sent to him during the last
    couple months. When he last wrote, he said he wasn’t feeling well due to the cirrhosis. Beyond that, I didn’t know what happened. Tonight I did a Google
    search and found your site.

    Peter was a dear friend even though we never met in person since I’m in the U.S. He helped me with
    my Budwig discussion group on Yahoo, FlaxSeedOil2, and
    with my website. He also phoned other cancer patients in our group to give them guidance. By carefully following the Budwig plan, he lived well beyond the limited time his doctor gave him when the liver cancer was first discovered. I wish it could have been many years more.

    Peter was a very thoughtful person who had a great sense of humor. I am deeply saddened that he is no longer with us. My heart goes out to his family and close friends. We shall all miss him.

    Warmest regards,
    Sandra Olson

  2. Halimah Ben Neria says:

    Dear Rainer,
    Thank you for let us know why we don’t hear any more from Peter. He is very dear to my heart although I never met him. We shared many days in out Oilflaxseed2 group were he was one of the most active member. We talked over the phone couple of time when I had problems wirh my oil extractor. I live in I srael so I never met him. I would like very much to see what he looked like. Can you please send a picture of him?
    Dea Peter, you are o.k now. You smile, I bet. I smile with tears in my eyes.

  3. Hello Rainer

    Im deeply saddened to hear of Peters passing.
    Like the other people I didnt meet him in person but got to know him through email and the Flaxseedoil2 group. He even sent me photos of some of his cooking adventures.
    He helped me a great deal over the past year with information regarding liver cancer from which my partner has been battling.

    Peter thank you so much for the way you cared and Rainers Obituary confirms who I always thought you were. From one Aussie to another God bless you mate

    Richard Ofsoski

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