Charming Hotels in Asia: The Savoy in Yangon, Myanmar


The entry to the hotel

Yesterday I got my visa from the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok so that I can attend a meeting in Yangon next week. Last year I visited for the first time and stayed in a charming little hotel, called the Savoy.


The reception area


The rooms

I know there are many more charming places in Yangon. I love the Savoy’s colonial atmosphere, the transquility and the quiet. I alos liked the food and the wines. However, because of time constraints last time, I did not have a chance to talk to the cook. Why the cook you might ask? Well he is supposed to come from Luxemburg. That’s my Mosel neighbourhood. This time I am going to talk to him about food and wine.


Restaurant at the second floor, Kipling’s what an enticing name.


The Rossini, Italian restaurant at the ground floor


The wine cabinet at the Rossini restaurant

The wine selection is quite interesting; I remember Italian, Chilean and Australian wines. I will check them out next week. I’ll tell you more after my return. Keep tuned in.

Please visit the hotel’s website for more information.

Savoy Hotel
129 Dhammazedi Road, Yangon, Myanmar
Tel: +95-1 526289 526298 526305
Fax:+95-1 524891 524892


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  1. Yeah, what you know about hotels there. r

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