Lazy Saturday in Bangkok


My blue water lily

This is the first weekend in a month that I have for the family. It’s already April, 25% of 2009 are over. We took it easy. Breakfast on the terrace, some exercise, some gardening (after last nights thunderstorm), and listening to many stories the girls had to share with me; that was the morning.


Last night’s thunderstorm played havoc with my pots

For lunch we went to a small restaurant in our neighbourhood. The Thai food was delicious. We enjoyed the food with Singha beer. It is so nice to wander the small streets in our part of Thonglor. We passed by the many little shops, the eating places on the street, our little mosque, taxis waiting for customers and the tuck tucks or motorcycle rickshaws.


Thonglor footpath


Four in a restaurant


A selection of delicious Thai salads


Eat, ate, eaten

I will introduce you to this restaurant at another time.

In the afternoon we watched “Sita sings the Blues”, a most wonderful little film.

Enjoy what is left of your Saturday!

2 Responses to Lazy Saturday in Bangkok

  1. giusepe says:

    Such a nice Sunday!!!
    I want to be your son!!

    See you soon 😀

  2. Thanks Giuseppe, that’s a great compliment. It would be a true honour to be your father. Age wise it could well match, alone location was not conducive to that proposition.

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