Bubbly, bubbly, bubbly…

“Bubbly” that’s what the Australians call all sparkling wines including sparkling from Champagne. The first day of the year is of course full of sparkling, wine included.

I started the New Year with feeding the parrots, to be precise, the King Parrots. They come to Helen’s and Michael’s terrace. The picture encapsulates my encounter with a very gentle king parrot, a very good omen for 2009, I hope.


After a long, or better, short night (behind me Mt. St. Leonard to the left)

We had some sparkling, starting with sparkling Shiraz, but went on to French sparkling and quickly changed to Australian fizz.

Below the various bottles which were consumed by us.




I loved the ‘2005 Seppelt Fleur de Lys’, but also the Taltarni was very delectable. Though the grapes came from three different regions (Pyrenees, Yarra Valley and Tasmania), the blend was just superb. I suggest you try them out.

Cheers 2009, keep on drinking, life is too short to drink bad wine (especially if you are above 50).

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