Wine TV – Polt’s way

October 16, 2008

You all might know about Gary Vaynerchuk and his Wine Library TV. You might also know the German match to Gary, Marlene Duffy at “bottleplot“.

Both are doing a good job in promoting wine and wine knowledge. Do not get me wrong. However, for me personally, Gary’s video pieces are just too long (15-20 minutes is just not what I am willing to watch), and Marlene’s shorter pieces (6-7 minutes) I find often just too nerve racking.
There are others out there, of course. Though most of them are not as good (informative and lively) as Gary and Marlene. Just search on Youtube or google them.

But long before any of the wine geeks started to talk about wine on the air, Gerhard Polt, a German (and my favourite) commedian (from Bavaria), had done a beautiful persiflage about wine, wine tasting and wine connoisseurs.

Unfortunately, the video clip is in German only but you might guess the message just by looking. Basically, the bottle gives it away. The price is given in DM, an indication of the age of the clip. Today, you can buy such wines for EURO 1.49. Polt was very handsome at that time. Enjoy.