Homecoming – Jakarta, Indonesia

I received a wholehearted welcome when I arrived at Jakarta International Airport. My twin daughters and my wife picked me up after 10 days in Germany.

We celebrated our reunion with a hearty meal and some good wine.

I love the ‘2000 Sharefarmers Cabernet Malbec’, a single vineyard wine from Coonawarra (South Australia) from Petaluma which consists of 64% Cabernet and 36% Malbec (www.petaluma.com.au).
The Cabernet gives spice and structure and the Malbec provides colour and vibrant fruit.

The other wine I fancy is the ‘2001 Ross Estate Old Vine Grenache’ from the Barossa Valley, South Australia (www.rossestate.com.au). The wine has a rich fruity aroma, good palate weight and a soft finish. I start to become a Grenache lover.

Both are very well made wines for every day and readily available from our duty free shop. They go well with any kind of pasta but also red meat dishes.

Afterwards I smoked a cigar and was happy to be back in good old Jakarta.

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