Torrontés – white grapes from Argentina

The other day when I decided to buy a dozen bottles from Trivento (Concha y Toro), I did not only pick up the Grand Reserva Malbec and other Malbecs, but also some whites, a chardonnay and a grape variety I had never heard of, Torrentés.

Through my encounter in Kuala Lumpur the other day, I was stimulated to venture into new territory. So I started to discover the wines of Latin America. Since I do not command any knowledge whatsoever about wines from this part of the earth, I am like a “clean slate” to write (or better to drink) on. Frankly, I am in the process to educate myself and to learn more about wines from Argentina.

There are of course many different wine regions but more about them later. My friend Max Sandelowsky from Salta province may forgive me that I delay writing about his wonderful region to a later date.

So, when I held this bottle from Trivento in my hand and read Torrontés on the label, I had no clue what this wine would taste like. Now I know.

Torrontés is a very typical white wine of Argentina. The grape variety comes in three variations,

– Torrontés Riojano,
– Torrontés Sanjuanino
– Torrontés Mendocino

It is said that Torrontés is the most distinctive wine of Argentina, grown nowhere else in the world.

Tasting notes vary. It’s often describes as earthy, fine aromatic reminiscent of Muscatel (wines made from Muscat grapes). Some say its strikingly similar to Viognier with hints of peach, flowers and orange citrus fruit. It has structure and fine acidity. Its delicate flavours entice you to have another sip/ That was true in our case, we had another bottle the next day with a seafood pasta. I can only recommend it to you. Try it, its a great experience.



One Response to Torrontés – white grapes from Argentina

  1. winefarmer says:

    The first time I tried a Torrontes, I was blown away, its floral notes and tight acidity made it the perfect wine I was looking for. Thanks!

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