Bloggo ergo sum – a note from the sidelines

Blogging has become quite addictive to me. But its not just writing and producing new blog entries (and researching new topics!). The discovery and the reading of other peoples blogs is as exciting as working on you own. Ronald Meinardus (, the work colleague of mine, who got me into writing and maintaining a blog, always stressed 1) the importance of having a good concept, a kind of strategic vision and 2) the dedication, the engagement, and of course the participation in the work and life of others.

As the numbers of your visitors go up and the network you grow into becomes more familiar, the more, and thats my experience, I withdraw into the “bloggossphere”. And there is so much to discover. I took my time, needed more than six months until I finally had a conrete idea what I wanted to do. Now I’m in my fourteenth month and cannot believe how much joy the writing has given to me.

However, by looking around I also know that I am an amateurish beginner still. There is so much to learn for me. There are wonderful engaging and sophisticated blogs and bloggers out there. Ever since I read Chris Anderson’s book “The long tail”, I am not so much worried about my lack of professionalism. After all I have a day job, and quite an interesting and demanding one as well. The community I grew into, is fascinating too, interesting, engaging and very friendly. Incidentally I learned about wine, wine tastings, wine regions, vineyards, vine cultivation, grapes and what one can do with them, food, the culture around wine production and wine consumption, and many more things.

And when calling out for me in the house does not produce an immediate response my children know, papa is blogging.



One Response to Bloggo ergo sum – a note from the sidelines

  1. meinardus says:

    hallo, rainer, wonderful to see how your blog is growing. i envy you for this and also your regular updates. may you continue having fun with your blog and all those tasty wines and other … objects you write about.
    greetings from the nile (not exactly a place famed for wine)

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